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Fall is officially in full swing here at Wells College; you can smell it in the air and feel that nice cold breeze on your face. But, what do we do now that summer is over? It’s too cold to swim, too rainy to go on picnics… What is a college student to do?


No need to fear! Here is a list of some fun activities you can do during this cozy season! Enjoy!


Snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket and watch Netflix!

There’s nothing better than snuggling up on a cold rainy day in the fall with a blanket and staying inside. Homework and studying should come first but, make sure to take time for yourself! Find your favorite blanket and get comfy for hours of binge-watching.


Apple Picking!

Living in Aurora means we’re right in apple country, why not take advantage of that? Gather some friends, hop in a car, and go to the many apple orchards we have around. Trust me, it’s way more fun with friends!

Drinking hot beverages!

It’s cold outside so what’s better than warming up your stomach? Drinking hot beverages can make your mood go from sour to sweet in one sip! My favorite is Hot Apple Cider and you should check it out at the Grind here on campus. It’s so good! Also, be basic and drink pumpkin spice; ‘tis the season!

Wearing flannels, tall boots, and sweaters!

I know this might not sound like an activity but, sometimes you just have to put on the sweaters just to be a little comfy! Put on your fall attire and go out for coffee, drinks, or to the mall. Show off your fall spirit!

Carving Pumpkins!

Even though this is a mostly Halloween tradition, no one says you can’t make a Mona Lisa-type sculpture of a pumpkin! Get a pumpkin and go wild with your inner artistic self! Have fun with it and get messy. If you can’t find a pumpkin, do some apple carving! It’s smaller and less messy but you can still make some beautiful artwork and have a great time. And if you can’t carve it, paint it!

Find a pile of leaves and jump in it!

I bet you haven’t done that since you were a kid and now that we’re getting older, it might be fun to do something a little childish! Go ahead and jump in those leaves!

What do you do for fun in the fall? Is there anything I didn’t list? Share your adventures or other fun activities by using #AlltheFallThings!

My name is Parker Howell. I love to spend my time writing (mostly poetry) and cuddling with my cat when he's not biting me. I'm majoring in Creative Writing at Wells College so writing is a major influence in my life. I love cacti, corgis, and chai tea.
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