7 Youtube Shows To Check Out

Youtube is a great place to be if you’re looking for something to watch. If you’re not into the whole vlogging thing or typical youtuber stuff, then I found 7 shows on Youtube worth checking out. All of these shows happen to be by Cut, but the best part is that they feature different and real people in each video participating.


1. Truth or Drink

(Photo Credit: Facebook.com)


Truth or Drink is a Youtube show where the contestants have to read questions aloud to each other and can choose to either answer it or take a drink. The contestants can be anywhere from siblings to exes to parents and kids. If you ever wanted to ask your parents about your conception, sex positions, if you’re a disappointment or any number of other awkward shit, then this show is perfect for you!

2. Fear Pong


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Fear Pong is similar to beer pong in that the participants have to play pong, but getting the cups becomes tricky. Once a participant lands a cup, they have to remove the card underneath and it will give them a dare. The participant can either choose to do it or not, but if they choose not to, then the cup stays another round. The dares can range from wearing a costume for the rest of the game or a participant giving the other a lap dance. The players are usually interesting pairs like exes or blind dates, but one video even featured a republican and a democrat playing each other!

3. Line Up


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Line Up is a Youtube series where the contestant must categorize things or people into categories. They’ve featured videos where the contestant guesses the sexual orientation of a group of people or guesses which country an Asian dish came from. Line Up is good at exposing contestants to a diverse group of people, but it does often draw on stereotyping. Usually, there’s also a post video interview available where the people being categorized can voice any issues or thoughts that occurred during the video.

4. Keep It 100


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Keep It 100 features 100 people showing or telling the audience something. Whether it’s their double chin, their dance moves, or the weirdest place they’ve ever had sex. This show is cool because it’s like a little sample of human nature!

5. Parents Explain


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Parents Explain is pretty straightforward, it features parents explaining real life stuff to their kids. All the issues are important for kids to learn from their parents and can range from black parents explaining how to deal with police brutality, to the birds and the bees, to suicide. The videos can be awkward at times, but are often heartwarming to watch.

6. First Takes

(Photo Credit: Youtube.com)

First Takes features something significant for the first time. Sometimes it’s holding a baby for the first time or sometimes it’s a first kiss between two people, but it’s always a genuine reaction. It can even be a video showing a person’s reactions to getting a bikini wax for the first time.

7. One Word


(Photo Credit: Youtube.com)

One Word is an ongoing series where people respond to one word with the first word they think of. Each show is categorized by a season where there’s a different group of people participating. Season 1 features black men from age 5-50 responding to words such as police, Ferguson, privilege, mother, and father. Season 2 for example, has adult women reacting to words like feminism, abortion, and pussy.

Now that you have the resources to procrastinate for the rest of the semester, happy watching!