6 Things You Should Never Say To Black Women

Black women have been at the forefront of society’s self-hate for years. The media has used its platform to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Black women to uphold the image that Black women are angry, emasculating, loud and any other negative connotation that American society can stir up to associate with Black women. However, Black women are tired of hearing people throw around these negative stereotypes and comments that they know are not true. Here are some comments that Black women are tired of hearing:


  1. “Is that your real hair?”

    Besides from the fact that this is completely disrespectful, why are you so concerned about whether it’s our real hair or not? Black hair is so versatile and we have the freedom to change it up as often as we want. If we say it’s our real hair, it’s our real hair!

  2. “Are you mixed?”

    Please stop perpetuating the idea that any beautiful Black woman that you come across must be mixed with European blood. European blood is not the magic potion for any beautiful Black woman that you see.

  3. “Why are Black women always angry?”

    Black women aren’t born angry neither are we innately angry. If you see a Black woman who is upset, she is just a Black woman who just happens to be angry. That’s it. Point. Blank. Period.

  4. “Your lips are too big”, “Your butt is too big”, etc

    Black women are hypersexualized to the greatest extent. American media loves to ‘glorify’ our big lips, wide hips, and curvy bodies. But the problem is that these features aren’t attractive on Black women. Why is that?

  5. “Natural hair is unprofessional”

          So the hair that grows out of my scalp isn’t natural?

    6. “You hair looks better straight”


If you find yourself saying some of these things to a Black woman, please remind yourself that Black women are human beings who do not need to seek validation from others in order to recognize our self-worth, nor do we need this type of deprecating negativity. If you overhear people you know or strangers saying these things to a Black woman, please do not be a bystander in the face of adversity. Now more than ever, there needs to be more unity and love for others around you rather than tearing each other down.