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5 Tips on How to Prepare For Conventions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.



Conventions are a fun experience for all ages! There are plushies, collectables, foregin foods, cosplayers, celebrities, and so much more! Today, I would like to give out some tips on how to  prepare for a convention. If you’re new to the convention life, this listicle will help! Also, Tora Con, which is an anime convention, is just around the corner! This year Tora Con is held at it’s homestead, RIT in Rochester, NY. The dates are March 21st and 22nd, tickets are on sale online for $25 until February 23rd. It’s a great convention and there are many things to do! With that introduction out of the way, let’s get into those tips shall we?



Make sure you have everything you will need before leaving for the con. You may even want to pack a cordless charger depending on how long you want to stay at the convention. Also, if you stay at a hotel like I normally do, check in and out on time. No one likes to pay a late fee. 

  1. Have your cosplay ready!

Not everyone has to cosplay but, at anime conventions it’s a big part of the con culture. However, dressing in cosplay does not mean you need to dress as an anime character. You can easily cosplay a game character, TV show character, movie character, basically any character you want!

  1. Bring back up cash!

You’re gonna wanna eat, and you’re gonna wanna get merch or other items that may catch your eye. From personal experience, it’s always good to bring an extra $50 and leave it either in your hotel room for meals there, or in a different pocket than your play money.  

  1. Don’t go alone!

Make sure you have a con buddy! For example, Tora con is on a pretty big campus; you wouldn’t want to get lost! Also, it’s more fun going with a friend or even as a cosplay group! (You can catch me and a few of my friends going as Pennywise, Eddie, and Ritchie at this year’s Tora Con!). 

  1. Have a set schedule!

 This tip is VERY important. You want to look at what’s happening at what times and where. If you wanna meet a voice actor but also want to go to the anime speed dating game, you need to make sure the times don’t conflict and that you will be able to get there on time. 


And there you have it! Some of the top five con preparation tips! I hope this helps any new con goers! Have a great time and express yourself!

Hello! My name is Erika. I like to read, write, and dance. I participate in many different types of theater and dance activities in school. When I have some free time I tend to be listening to music, dancing around, or taking a well deserved nap. I love cats, especially my best friends cat Pika. I also love learning Korean and about the Korean culture.
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