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Thoughts on Recent Events

In response to those who fail to sympathize with the reactions of students across college campuses after the political election outcome:

Some student campuses have reacted with protests and others have not. One form of action is not more mature than the other. Challenging intellectual conversations do not take place when students are being physically harmed and threatened by those with opposing views. I implore you all to try to put yourselves in the place of a victim of a hate crime and not have an emotional response. History is written by those who seek not only justice but the truth of the human condition. “Emotional” student protests are the activists that make change. The Vietnam War was ended by empowered young people who refused to stay silent during times of extreme political dissent.

The actions taking place in the United States prove that we are a United Nation, as idyllic as that would be, and to force ourselves to act as if Trump’s win is okay, is not only a disservice to the progress we’ve made as a society but also to the futures our children.

Madeline is a junior at Wellelsey College majoring in History and minoring in Health and Society. When not burried in a pset, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and doing yoga. Namaste, lovlies! xoxo M 
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