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How to Feel Good, Get a Major and Trap Friends

The semester has started. The dorms are stiflingly hot, you are constantly waving to new people you think you know, but then realize you don’t, and you are awkwardly trying to figure out your life. How can you make this your best year of school? Who will you be? How will you look? What will you study? Who will you associate yourself with?

I know, reading the beginning of this article, you are thinking “great, another college ‘how to guide’.” I’m sure you are sick of these after the orientation events, being slammed by spam and org information, and the constant school feed on your social media. Well I am here to tell you that instead of giving you another ‘How To: 101,’ I am going to talk to you about the unusual things that you will see at Wellesley, and how to find the humor in them.

1. The Appearance of Your Fellow Students:

We have a diverse student population which is so amazing. Not only are a reasonable chunk of your Wellesley sibs international (13.13% as of this year!) but many hold their attire to different standards as you can observe after a quick stroll from the Lu to the Instead Fem Coop.

For example, you can see me marching through campus in a floral dress and combat boots. Others choose to study in comfort and leave their peers questioning if they are in pajamas and really did “wake up like this.” The athletes are well recognized in their gear as they run from the KSC, to class, then back to the KSC, to the ATR (athlete training room), then back to the library. Then there are the students that seem to walk straight off the runway in their heels and actually matching clothes with golden halos floating effortlessly above their heads.

After seeing some of these students and then looking down at your own attire you might thinking that you leave something to be desired. This might make you feel guilty. Guess what. NO ONE CARES! Wellesley is your safe haven where you can be yourself without judgment and just learn! DON’T SWEAT IT NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU. Okay maybe they are, but probably just thinking how you manage to look so good after no sleep. Because here at Wellesley, we will sleep when we are dead.

2. What You Study:

Maybe you are the 1% of the student population who comes into Wellesley knowing exactly who you are, what you want to study and how you want to use your education in the work force.

If you are, teach me your ways. I came into Wellesley as a bright eyed biology major who was premed, then switched to sociology, suffered from buyer’s remorse, tried to back pedal, remembered why I switched and ran away crying into the arms of sociology and then added a health and society minor for kicks.

Guess what? I’m not alone! Most people are suffering in silence too afraid to let down the façade of perfect Wellesley student. You aren’t alone. Just lean in, find a professor who will listen to you whine, and keep on moving forward. So just remember, your sibs may look like they have it all together, but most of them are screaming on the inside, just like you. J

3. Who You are Friends With:

Luckily, high school is in the past. While social circles do exist, the hierarchy that they used to be organized in has died.

How do you make friends though? You might want to go join a new club. That sounds like a great place to meet people right? Wait, but you don’t want to be that person who walks in alone and sits awkwardly watching the people who went there with friends talk and laugh.

I promise you, the E-Board will be THRILLED to see you there. They spend all their time trying to get you to come to their meetings with their annoying spam, and you are a sign that their hard work paid off!

Also, the existing members will be happy to meet you! You have a shared interest that is dragging you out of your room at 8 PM on a Wednesday night when you could be watching Netflix in your underwear.

Another way to meet people is to beg anyone in your class to give you their number so that you can “study.” Now I’m not trying to transform the word study by adding quotations. You will do work; however, you will probably end up talking, getting to know them, and trapping them into friendship.

Lastly, you can join a gym class. For many of you, this sounds awful. However, many people in the class will feel the same way that you do and hate themselves for working out. Plus, talking to your neighbor in a class can help distract from the pain that your body is in!



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