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Five Signs You are a Senior in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wellesley chapter.

Your past three years at Wellesley has lead up to this moment when you are standing, wearing your robes during Convocation and you officially are a senior. You are wiser – more mature – and now is your time to shine. Arriving at this stage in life, you have gone through many changes. To help cope with this exciting change in your life we have put together a list of signs that prove you are a now a senior at Wellesley.

Here are five signs you are a senior in college:

1. You are taking classes you actually love:

Finally finished those distribution requirements? You are no longer the confused English major in Bio 105. Instead, you sit comfortably in the wooden chairs of Green Hall or Founders, listening to the soft musings of your peers as the class collectively ponders the meaning of love in selected stories of Hawthorne.

2. You are struggling to find a job or to conjure the will to apply to grad school:

The first step in this pseudo real-life process is to figure out how to use Handshake (R.I.P CWS). After meeting with career counselors, you go to countless resume writing workshops where you muster the courage to open a Word document, which you will stare at, note how very blank it is, then procrastinate until tomorrow. Each time you do this, you convince yourself that everything will be okay. Getting into Wellesley was no easy feat and you’ve made it this far. Remember to take a deep breath and to relax.

3. You have ordered Lemon Thai for the third time this week, and you feel no shame:

Your last year at Wellesley means you have only so many opportunities left to order the Pad See Yew from Lemon Thai. So when Pom decides to serve the orange-coconut-BBQ seitan with tofu mascaraing as meat, you are already calling the first number on your speed dial list.

4. You feel old:

You roll your eyes at the eager First Years on your hall getting ready for MIT Rush Week. After some debate with your friends, you all decide to go out too for a last hoorah, but once you take two steps onto the beer soaked dance floor, and you have spent your night dodging the randos dressed in neon who are compulsively humping everything in sight, you take the Peter back to campus, pop an Advil and settle in bed with Domino’s and an episode of Game of Thrones. You wonder why you ever decided to leave your single in the first place.

5. You are attaching sentimental meaning to every little thing:

From Lake Waban, to the ladies at the Emporium, or the ringing bells at 11:30pm – all of Wellesley’s quirks, even the things you disliked, will push you to tears as your impending graduation approaches. You can’t bear the possibility of living hundreds of miles away from your best friends as you confront the looming shadow of adulthood. Even though the end of school is coming at you like a freight train, remember to enjoy every moment of your last collegiate year. I heard Lulu is serving Cookies n’Cream ice cream today, so there’s that.

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