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Young Adult Novels on My Summer Reading List

I am obsessed with fiction books- more specifically young adult fiction books. I like to get lost in the pages of these books. It’s an easy distraction from the busy work and school day. This year, I can’t help but notice that I have started compiling a list of Young Adult (YA) books that will all be released after the winter semester is over, and I am dying to read each and every one of them.


Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen’s work is inspiring for an aspiring young person and writer like myself. She has had a lot of success in the YA market, creating novels with amazing stories and even better quotes. It hasn’t been too long since Ms.Dessen’s last novel was released but it told such a beautiful story that I am excited to see what’s in store in Once and For All.


The Scattering by Kimberly McCreight

I was fortunate enough to have Ms. McCreight speak to my writer’s craft class last year after reading and falling in love with her novel Reconstructing Amelia, which was a fast-paced mystery novel with a shocking ending. I wasn’t sure what to expect with her novel The Outliers but it delivered just as much mystery and suspense as Reconstructing Amelia and had me longing for a sequel. The Scattering is the sequel I have been waiting for and I hope that it lives up to Ms. McCreight’s usual standard of writing.


Always and Forever Laura Jean by Jenny Han

Jenny Han created a variety of book series for the YA market, each with a group of characters that is so different from the ones before. The series that her upcoming novel is in focuses on the life of a teenage girl named Laura Jean that most people can relate to. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next in Laura Jean’s life.

Alexis Egi

Waterloo '21

Alexis is a planning student at the University of Waterloo. Alexis has published a young adult novel and has had her work published in a number of Canadian anthologies. Alexis loves writing, cooking and reading.
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