Year-Long Activities You Can Do In 2017

With 2017 fast approaching, I've complied a list of fun activities you can do throughout the new year!

1. The 365 Day Challenge

It was originally the 365 Grateful Challenge, where you woud take a photo of what you were grateful for each day. There is also the 365 Day Photo Challenge where you take a photo each day of anything that is the highlight of your day. This challenge is great, especially if you want to see more of your life in pictures.

2. Start a Journal

Journaling is a great activity for destressing. It is not only limited to writing about your day; you can write about your feelings, what you’ve learned about yourself, lists, quotes, or anything else you feel like writing. As well, journaling doesn't have to be writing in a notebook! Another way you can journal is by putting small notes in a jar or box each day.

3. Work on Resolutions

Resolutions are hard to keep after a while. If you make a shortlist of 2-3 goals you want to achieve this year that are attainable, then they will be easier to manage and obtain.

4. Learn Something New Each Day

Although we already do a lot of that in university, try learning something different each day. You can subscribe to NowIKnow to get emails which contain little tidbits of random and interesting information. Or you can follow a social media page that posts interesting facts or things that you’d like to learn more about.

5. Keep a Planner and/or Calendar

This is a great way to keep your life on track. You can either get a physical planner or download apps such as Google Calendar to write down all of your classes and social events. It will help you stay organized and keep you on top of your work.

Whether this year has been rough or great for you, I hope that everyone will have a great 2017. :)