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Why You Should Learn To Roller Skate And Tips For Beginners

I had never roller skated until about a month ago, but I do love ice skating, so I wanted to give it a try. I love learning different skills, and find it to be a really fun activity. I would love to convince as many people as possible to try out roller skating!

Reasons to Roller Skate

It’s a full-body workout

You may already think of roller skating as a leg workout, but you actually use your whole body to stay balanced. Why not get active and work all your muscles?

Go outside and get fresh air

We’re all spending a lot of time at home right now, so it’s nice to get outside sometimes. Fresh air and sunlight are also essential for your mental health.

You get to keep learning

With all the different skating skills, you can always try something new. You can also practice what you already know to keep improving.

There are so many types of roller skating

You can look into which types interest you most, but some of the most common include trail skating, dance skating, park skating, rink skating, and derby skating.

You can skate anywhere

All you need is a flat and smooth surface. You can skate on basketball or tennis courts, in an empty parking lot, or even on your kitchen floor.

Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun

No matter where you skate or what kind of skating you do, roller skating can be a super fun activity for anyone!

My Tips for Beginners (as a beginner myself)

1. Do your research and invest in a good pair of skates

Consider what type of skating you want to do to help narrow down your options. You do not need very expensive skates to start, but ensure that your skates are safe and well-made. 

2. Please do yourself a favour and wear some protective gear

Helmets and pads can save you from a bad injury. Protective gear also comes in lots of different colours and designs, so don’t worry about sacrificing style for safety.

3. Don’t be afraid to fall, because it’s inevitable

Falling is simply a part of learning, and you can’t avoid it. What’s most important is that you learn how to safely fall (to minimize injury) and get back up. 

4. Don’t be too critical of yourself, because you’re learning

It’s easy to compare yourself to others, but remember that everyone learns at a different pace. While you might not be great at one skill, you might be at another.

My very last piece of advice is to maintain a positive attitude and keep practicing. Once you get your skates and protective gear, you’ll be ready to roll.  

Hi! My name is Tiffany and I'm in my third year of Honours Arts and Business, with a major in French and a minor in English. Most of my free time is consumed by books whether that be reading books or talking about books on Instagram. I also love roller skating even though I'm still learning. Some of my other favourite pastimes include baking cookies and listening to show tunes.
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