Why You Need to Join a Sorority ASAP

I used to feel like I was under-appreciated and there was no one who understood me for the individual I am. When I first met my sisters during recruitment, I immediately felt like I belonged. Whether we were talking about the different spots in Waterloo to get our eyebrows done, or what we wanted for ourselves in the future, the conversation came so easy. I never felt like I had to play a part or be someone I was not. I felt like I had known these ladies my whole life and I was just catching up with a friend. The ten-minute conversations I had during recruitment, flourished into life-long friendships, and it all came so easy.



Kappa encouraged me to be myself. When I needed to cry, I had a group of girls to lean on and comfort me. When I was smiling ear to ear, I had my sisters to thank for that. My sisters supported me in positions of leadership where my voice could be heard. As I let my guard down, my confidence grew and I became so proud of the woman I am, thanks to the constant positive reinforcement from this group of women.



It is hard to explain from the inside, and it is hard to understand from the outside, but here is what I want to say to you:

If you want to be surrounded by the most incredible women, join a sorority.

If you want to become a leader and grow through your undergrad, join a sorority.

If you want to receive the funniest emails at the most random times, join a sorority.

If you want to be in an organization that will love and support you endlessly, join a sorority.

If you want to make the best decision of your life, JOIN A SORORITY.


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