Why ‘On My Block’ Is Netflix’s Best New Show

Because Diego Tinoco is in it. Article over.


Just kidding (kinda).


But after much school-based procrastination and a very well-prepared snack stockpile, I managed to watch both, yes both, seasons of Netflix’s Original Series ‘On My Block’ in 3 days. It was actually more like 2 and a half but this is definitely not a situation I am proud of, so let's call it three.


(^my exam study content staring at me from the other tab while I click ‘Next Episode’ on Netflix… oops?)


Here is a little background before we begin in case, for some very odd reason, you haven’t yet watched all 20 episodes of this cinematically glorious gift. ‘On My Block’ is about 4 kids on the cusp of young adulthood and about to start high school. Romance, gang violence, drama, and the struggles of maintaining the friendships they once thought would last forever barely scratches the surface of what the show fully encompasses. But, I guess you could say it is a show about the many challenges of growing up and how to survive in a tough neighbourhood like Freeridge.

Here are my top five, from a very lengthy list of reasons as to why you should binge On My Block tonight!


1. The Cast.

A stacked cast can really make or break a show, no matter the content. But this cast is absolutely everything. There is such diversity, not just in race and culture, but in acting experience and what each actor uniquely brings to the show. Every character is dynamic and thought out, making the show so universal despite the different storylines. The core four, played by Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, Jason Genao, and Brett Gray are all in their 20’s but you would never guess with their youthful on and offscreen chemistry. Essentially, they are a great group of friends just having fun together.


(^when you bump into someone who hasn't watched Season 2 yet…)


2. How Realistic It Is.

Not that I was struggling with whether or not to be with my hot gang-involved boyfriend at the age of 14 but who knows, some teens could be? The show manages to show a side of growing up that often gets skipped in the media. It’s like we jump from ‘Peppa Pig’ right to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ with no in between. This age group comes with it’s own unique set of challenges that television tends to leave out. On My Block however sheds light on what it is like to grow up in a dangerous neighbourhood like Freeridge and feel like you are stuck there forever. It definitely isn’t the white-picket fenced streets of Riverdale or the haunting fields of Greendale from Netflix’s other popular teenage-based shows.


(^when a show is actually good and not just trendy!)


3. The Storyline.

Teen dramas tend to be pretty linear but this storyline is the exact opposite. So unpredictable. So funny. So dramatic! I don’t want to spoil anything but, there is a money heist, a Quinceañera, and a few fights along the way. Definitely nothing boring about this one.


(^me gearing up for Season 3 like...)


4.  The Music.

I didn’t think a show could play better tunes after being a forever fan of Grey’s Anatomy but now my allegiance is wavering. From Billie Eilish’s When the Party’s Over to One and Only by BLESSED it is just hit after hit. Like for real, you will be Shazam-ing throughout the whole show.


(me when they played Electric!!!)


5. Monse + Cesar.

I am not one to turn down a good OTP, like ever. So, when I heard talk about the love-fest that is Monse and Cesar I knew I had to check it out for myself. The couple has grown up together and always been family, or fam, as their squad calls it. But in the summer before high school starts everything changes for the two. A rumor almost ruins everything, until it is the very thing that brings them together. Their relationship is not perfect, but it sure is cute.


(^my black heart aches…)


I know exam season is wrapping up Warriors, so what better time to start a new show? Exactly. You know I am right, so ditch the books and start up your computer cause On My Block is now streaming on Netflix (and you’re watching Disney channel - just kidding, but that seemed fitting!)