Why are Millennials So Obsessed With Being Busy?

Like we get it Rebecca, you are soooo busy! Everyone is…

Everyone knows that millennials love to start, follow, and even repeat trends of the past but their most recent obsession is one that may not be so beneficial, or even hashtag worthy (so what’s the point?). It seams that being busy is the new cool. The new norm. The newest goal. Like, why be chill and free when you could have your whole day organized in a colour coated agenda, right?

**I must admit that I am being uber hypocritical while writing this article, because I too love being a busy bee. Nonetheless, I think that this new busy lifestyle is causing burnout in a lot teens and needs to be controlled.


(^me when someone asks what I’ve got planned for the day… a whole lot of buzzing)


It doesn’t take alot for many to admit that teenagers and young adults experience the most life changes while going through a critical time in personal growth. There are expectations to meet academically, socially, and personally making the stress never ending and the desire to succeed heightened. So, busy culture has become the newest rage amongst millennials because it makes us appear like our lives are put together and that we are on the right path to success when everyone around us is questioning whether we will make it or not. No wonder so many teens dread the family dinner questions of “what are you going to do when you grow up?”. When I grow up? Are you serious? I am already 5'9” how much more growing do I have to do, this is awful…. But I get it, these question are tough and the panic sinks in when you don’t have a rehearsed response that somehow manages to cover any and all possible follow-up questions.


(^”What are your plans for after you graduate?”)

I think that being organized and being responsible are closely and dangerously linked with being busy and cause a lot of teenagers to fill up their schedules and fill their days with an impossible list of tasks to complete. I have thought up a few signs I’ve noticed in my peers (& myself) that often lead to burnout, and unnecessary and unhealthy daily stress.


(^some days really do be like that…)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional (yet) BUT I do watch an unnecessary amount of TedTalks and Youtube videos so take of this list what you choose….


Five signs you are following along on the worst trend of 2019:

1. You compete with your friends and family about whose schedule is more packed

Like, so what you have two assignments and a midterm, I have three exams and four essays due this week, BEAT THAT. This obsession with being more busy than a friend or peer is not beneficial to your relationship and will most likely lead to some pretty awkward moments.


(^what do you even say when someone tells you they are busier than you?...)


2. You feel discomfort when you don’t have anything to do

You are twiddling your thumbs post hitting submit on that assignment and now you don’t really know what to do with your few minutes of eloted spare time.


(^yeah Pam you probably should, but I probably won’t)


3. You think it’s a waste of time to relax

Lying in bed for hours on end sounds awful. Why would I want to watch a movie in my pj’s? I need to be applying to masters programs and creating career goals for the next 10 years, duh.


(^me in a cafe pretending to look productive, like 95% of the time)


4. You are constantly thinking about the next task on a to-do list

It is just go, go, go. Why stop now?


5. You dread tasks that aren’t beneficial to your progress

I mean I could go out for dinner with some friends, but only if that counts as a networking event…. Do you have LinkedIn?


(^”Do you like to have fun?”)


So, ummm, yikes right! Having structure in your life can be useful, but fighting with yourself to be as busy as possible is not. Make sure you are able to understand when to slow down, when to pick up the pace, and how to find that balance.

Let’s ditch this busy culture and start following some more realistic trends like veganism? (JK)

Stay organized Warriors!