Where to Go For Halloween Candy: Waterloo Edition

Some people fight over the best parts of Halloween but we all know it’s without a doubt the candy. The best houses on the block were the ones that gave the full size chocolate bars rather than a small piece of bubblegum or sad looking lollipop.

Now that you’re older, can’t pass for 12-year-old in a costume and have some kind of income, November 1st is the new Halloween because it marks the Halloween Candy Sale.

In Waterloo, where should you go for the most deals and steals?


1. Walmart

I personally don’t recommend it unless you can go super early which doesn’t seem doable with the messed up sleep schedule you’re probably on (thanks midterms). There will be candy but it’ll go pretty fast.


2. Zehrs

Candy is here but the prices are high. Highly don’t recommend unless you’re desperate or the cravings are real.


3. Sobeys

Might possibly have quality candy! It’s known for quality food. Beware of the spooky prices though and don’t forget your AirMiles card.


4. Dollarama

The OG for the candies. Here should not disappoint but make sure you’re getting the sale price and not regular candy.


5. Bulk Barn

Might have sales! Definitely has the candy. You might even be better off getting more than less in those small quantity boxes


6. Conestoga Mall

If you haven’t gone to the shiny new Lindt store, you know where to go now! You’re welcome. Also check out Shoppers Drug Mart, Rocky Mountain or Laura Secord chocolate stores.


7. Local candy stores

Do these exist? You bet! There’s The Bonbon Factory on Phillip, Esta Chocolates on Parkside, and Dana Shortt on Erb


Go forth and don’t forget to floss, my sweets!