What You Should and Shouldn't Do During Reading Week

Reading week is finally here! This semester, it's a full week of no classes.

Whenever we go on reading week, we all tend to do something that we know we shouldn’t be doing but we still do. Some of us do it less than others. Some of us do it more than others.  Some of us vocalize it. Some of us internalize it. We all do it differently.


“Shoot I have three midterms after reading week!”

“OMG I don’t know if I can finish this project before reading week ends!!”

“I’m so screwed for the week after reading week”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do”


Sound familiar? It’s the sound of students stressing out over midterms and assignments.

Usually after reading week, most professors schedule midterms and have assignments due. If you keep thinking about how much you have to do after reading week, it's going to stress you out!! Yes, you will have these assignments due eventually but the time you have to enjoy with your family and friends is limited.

After six weeks of classes, assignments, midterms, and other school related work and activities, you deserve to relax a bit. You deserve to have time to catch up on sleep, spend with family and friends, and breathe. Stressing out over course work takes all of these away.

Now I’m not saying to completely forget about course work and just treat it as a vacation. You can be productive and study without the stress. When you are studying take study breaks, don’t scare yourself over how much you have to do, and believe that you can do it!

Do take the time to relax a bit and enjoy being around family and friends. Enjoy yourself during reading week and don't stress over how much things you have to do after.

Have a great reading week everyone!