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Anna Schultz-Friends Laughing In Holiday Pajamas
Anna Schultz-Friends Laughing In Holiday Pajamas
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What to do on NYE INSTEAD of going out!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

New Year’s Eve can be a night full of glitter, glam, and picture-perfect kisses at midnight. OR, it can be you, your favourite set of pj’s, and a whole lotta of snacks! 

I’m personally a fan of the second option and am a firm believer that NYE is the perfect time to be cozy following the mayhem of the holidays. It’s the grand finale of the year and I think that you should do whatever you want! But… if you are like me and will most likely, almost definitely, okay… surely be staying in this NYE then here are some ideas of what to do! 

(^yeah not exactly what I was picturing either Michelle… woof?!)   

Watch ‘New Year’s Eve’!

(^why risk getting stuck in an elevator on NYE when you can watch Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher do it for the low, low cost of your Netflix monthly subscription?) 

Though this movie is to be honest, terrible, it does the job. It goes with the theme and gives all the allure of NYE festivities from the comfort of your bed, or your couch, or your pull-out couch. 

Have a ‘Favourites’ party! 

(^this time you don’t even have to think about the $ or the person, just you and your favourites – easy!) 

No better way to end off the year then to have a party, right? But this time do it at your own house. Have everyone bring a ‘favourite of the year’ item and do a gift exchange. This is the perfect idea for friends and family who weren’t able to see each during the holiday season! A plus, you don’t have to drive anywhere after midnight AND you can drink as much as you want – you are the host after all!

Go to bed (before midnight)!

(^it happens to everyone, even Jennifer Lopez!) 

Picture this – you at home, all cozied up, candles lit, netflix on, and that’s it. That’s your NYE. That sounds pretty perfect to me. A ‘do nothing NYE’ is what it’s called. You go to bed before the clock even stikes 9:30pm and when everyone asks what you did you say you had a nice relaxing evening in. Who is going to judge? 

Have a long distance NYE celebration! 

(^this will be me showing my friends in the US the fireworks outside my window…) 

Phone, Skype, or FaceTime a friend from around the world and have a NYE celebration via technology. It would be even cooler if you live in a different time zone and could celebrate twice! 

Do a combination! 

Perhaps a NYE checklist could be fun! Phone some old friends, watch a movie, then head to bed – sounds dreamy to me! 

So whether you are out on the town in a sparkly cocktail dress or wearing the onesie you got at Walmart in 7th grade, LIVE IT UP! Make your NYE exactly what you want it to be… after all, at midnight, it’s a new year and what’s in the past is in the past! 

Happy NYE and New Year Warriors! 

Hey - I'm Vanessa Geitz, a fourth-year Public Health student at the University of Waterloo. I am currently the President and Campus Correspondent for HC Waterloo and love writing articles! Also a big fan of the Bachelor, BBT, and books. 
My name is Rachel Hickey,  I'm studying Psychology, Human Resource Management, and English! My interests include food, fitness, feminism, singing in obnoxious a cappella groups and petting other people's dogs.