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Weird Lessons Having Roommates Has Taught Me

1. Dishwashers are both a blessing and a curse

Everybody loves food, university students especially. But with food comes dishes, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys doing dishes on a regular basis. In this sense, dishwashers can come in handy; too lazy or busy to wash that sink full of dishes? Just throw ‘em all in there. The downside? That moment you realize you’ve been throwing all of your dishes into the dishwasher and you’re down to one plate and two forks but the dishwasher still isn’t full enough to run (ugh).

2. 6 am showers will become your best friend

In most places, hot water is a finite resource and schedules are tight. If you like your showers to be semi-relaxing, your best bet is to grab it before anyone else. This way you avoid rushing yourself as well as the ever-dreaded mid-shower freeze. Okay, 6 am might be a bit unrealistic for most, but getting to know each others’ schedules and getting in early is helpful and you’ll thank yourself.

3. Your stuff is going to mingle, and you have to learn to accept that

As much as we want our spaces to be our own, it’s almost impossible when you’re living with other people. You’ll look at your desk and find someone else’s hair, or you’ll go into the bathroom and find someone else’s elastic sitting with your stuff, or someone else’s clothes touching your shelf. As much as it’s going to initially gross you out, it’s something you’ll get used to. As long as you don’t have a super-germy household, you’re fine. And remember, they’re finding your stuff too. It may be the most unpleasant form of give-take, but it’s still give-take.

4. Sharing is caring

It’s what your parents and teachers drilled into your head for your whole childhood, but it rings true the loudest when you start sharing a space with people you’re not related to. Sometimes you’re going run out of something your roommate has, and you’re going to have to swallow your pride and ask to borrow or use some of it, and vice versa. Just remember that permission given once doesn’t mean you don’t have to ask next time. Keep mutual respect intact and it’ll be smooth sailing.

5. Honesty isn’t the best policy, but it is tied for first with mutual respect

You and your roommates are bound to have issues at some point. You’re not going to like 100% of the things they do, and they’re going to find things about you that bug them too. Bringing those up as criticisms is probably not the best idea, but if your roommate is doing something that is really impacting your relationship with them or living situation as a whole, be honest about it; don’t be passive aggressive and distant, it’s not going to get you anywhere. The honesty thing goes for everything else too… if you use something without asking or eat some of their food by mistake just be up front about it, it’ll make your time together as roommates a lot easier, and the trust factor will make it a lot better.

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