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Vision Boards: A Tool for Personal Empowerment

Getting tired of looking at the same old picture-collage your bedroom wall? Instead of re-decorating by hanging new photos or pieces of art, consider creating your very own vision board! It is exactly what it sounds like; a bulletin board, a poster board, an entire wall even, that you cover with things you want in your atmosphere. The thing about vision boards is that they are much more than just a way to re-decorate, they serve a spiritual, personal purpose.


Ever heard of a little something called the law of attraction? It is the idea that the thoughts, words, and attitude that you put out into the universe determine the sort of encounters you have and the opportunities that come your way. Simply put: things grow where your energy goes. A vision board can serve as a place to collect pieces of the things you love, things you find inspirational, or things you hope to make happen someday. The idea is that once you’ve created it, you hang it plain in sight and look at it every single day. That way, even if you barely notice it, you’re still subconsciously familiarizing yourself the artifacts you’ve filled it with. These artifacts can be photographs, quotes, pins and patches, etc. You can fill it with other kinds of keepsakes too, such as a business card from someone you hope to work with someday, or a pamphlet for a school you hope to attend. You might also like the idea of giving your vision board a colour theme that reflects the type of vibe you want to put out there, like a bright, happy yellow or a bold, powerful red.


Vision boards are a clever, creative and incredibly fun project, that serve a multitude of purposes. For example, not only are they great for attracting your hopes and dreams, they’re an excellent tool for putting yourself in the right mindset and setting goals. Similarly, they’re a great way to ensure you’re constantly reminded of what you’re grateful for and what you’re passionate about pursuing. Another bonus is that they’re super easy to change up. It’s also a great option because it’s the craft you can keep on crafting for as long as you’d like. You can update it with things that perhaps you’ve successfully managed to manifest, or new ideas that you want to focus on.

For inspiration, check out the cover image of this article, which is my most recent vision board! I had a lot of fun creating it and I can’t wait to reap the rewards of being continuously reminded of all the goodness in my life. May yours bring you the same encouragement!


Jenna Aquino

Waterloo '21

21, Canadian. Lover of music, digital media, chocolate and kind people.
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