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If you’re looking for some self-love, reassurance, and a list of romantic comedies to watch, don’t read the rest of this. This is a real survival guide; I’m not going to give you bad advice. 

Before I get into the real survival tips, let me give you a quick inspirational speech as to why Valentine’s Day has been one of my favourite days of the year despite never being in a relationship. Single people often spend Valentine’s Day dwelling on the fact that no one loves them, but that’s not true. Love is love; whether that’s with your significant other, your mom, your friend, or even your dog. Celebrate this day by showering love on those in your life that you care about. 

Now, I know all of that is great to hear, but sometimes you just want to be sad and that’s okay. So if you want to cry on Valentine’s Day, go ahead and cry. If you want to eat a tub of ice cream and watch Dirty Dancing, go ahead; I’m not stopping you. But just hear me out on what I think you should do instead.   

Avoid romantic movies at all costs

There’s no point in watching them because they’re only going to make you feel bad. Instead, try watching something funny or scary. Personally, I recommend watching something like Prison Break or Criminal Minds. That way, you won’t be sad and you can simp over Shemar Moore and Wentworth Miller. 

Do your assignments and apply for jobs

It’s midterm season, so focus on your education. But more importantly, it’s already February, so this is your reminder to also start applying for summer jobs. You’ve got to secure that bag.

Have an impromptu photoshoot

Beat your face, put on your nicest outfit, get your phone out, and have an impromptu photoshoot. Instead of regular selfies, search up some inspiration on Pinterest and do something cool. You don’t have to post the photos anywhere if you don’t want to, but trust me; it’s a lot of fun and a definite confidence booster.

On a final note, I understand that being alone is hard sometimes. Well, actually, I don’t quite understand because I enjoy it, but I’ll empathize with you right now. Despite how hard it can be, don’t be that person on Twitter or Instagram complaining and roasting couples for posting things related to Valentine’s Day. Let them have their moment; what they do is really none of your business and shouldn’t bother you. 

Thamilini Balakumar is a Global Business and Digital Arts student at the University of Waterloo. She has a passion for creative writing and storytelling. In addition to writing, she tells stories through her photography and videography.
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