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person taking photo of pants and shoes
person taking photo of pants and shoes

UW Photo Club President: Aboudi Taha

Are you finding you have some spare time this term that you’re not quite sure what to do with (besides sleep haha) or do you have an interest in photography, but are unsure where to begin?

If so, I suggest you continue reading about this week’s Campus Profile, Aboudi Taha.

1. What program and year are you in?

I’m in third year Honours Biology.

2. What is your hometown?

Ancaster, ON.

3. What is the UW Photo Club?

A club where anyone with interest in photography can practise their craft. We host workshops throughout the term to aid in a variety of techniques relevant to photography. There is a large community that welcomes beginners and experienced photographers alike. There’s a lot to learn no matter what your interests are!

4. When did you join/ become President of the UW Photo Club?

I joined in Fall 2014 and became acting president for Fall 2016

5. What inspired you to join?

I had a slight interest in photography and thought it would be fun to attend a workshop and improve myself. I didn’t have a lot of “special” gear but the club was very helpful and gave me all the tools I needed. It ended up being a lot of fun and that’s what got me hooked.

6. What is your favourite part about the UW Photo Club?

The welcoming community. It really is very welcoming. I find that many people join without even owning a camera. The club, and some of its members, will lend their cameras to whoever needs it. Our events are very accessible and accommodating which is one of the things that I really love about UWPC.

7. What are the responsibilities of the members of the club?

Members have almost no obligation to the club. They attend events as they please depending on their schedule. This helps people to experiment with topics and techniques they are interested in without feeling forced to try anything they feel is boring.

8. Are there any upcoming events that the club is hosting or participating in on main campus?

We have one of our weekly workshops on Friday March 10th. The topic this week is Digital Darkroom and Photo manipulation where members will learn how to edit their photos in programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Since we’re also reaching the end of the term we have our End of Term Showcase coming up in April. This is an event where members of the UWPC community will put their photos on display for people to see in the SLC multipurpose room. Attendants will be able to select photos they like and request a printed copy in any size they desire (costs vary depending on size) and all proceeds go towards helping UW Photo Club remain a free club with only optional fees as well as paying the photographer who took the photo.

9. What is your motto or favourite quote?

“Just do you”.

It’s a phrase I find myself saying to people often. Especially when it comes to photography. When people ask me for critiques, I often like what they’ve done. They’ll go on to say something like “it doesn’t feel professional” but I feel like it’s all about perspective. The things people create say a lot about them as individuals and each person creates something different when it comes to photography. Your personal style is exclusive and I feel like that’s something that should be embraced. Either in photography or in your daily life you should always do things you enjoy. Essentially it translates to “be yourself”.

10. When you’re not busy with school and club work, what do you do for fun (i.e. what are your interests)?

I usually like going out to eat with friends or breakdancing. It has been pretty busy this past year so I haven’t had much time for either!

11. What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I plan to make more time for my hobbies and adventure with my best friend

12. As President of the UW Photo Club, what advice would you give to a student looking to take on a leadership role?

Be active with things you are passionate about. As long as you’re working hard and doing what you love then falling into a leadership role becomes something that just happens naturally.

13. How can someone get involved with the UW Photo Club?

Getting involved is very easy. All you have to do is sign-up to our mailing list and like our Facebook page to get all the updates to our events. We also host contests throughout the term with awesome prizes.

No mandatory fees. Just dive on in.


One thing that Aboudi mentioned to me was the influence that Chandan Vatish has on the club (We’ve linked our previous profile on him). He’s the UWPC mentor and helped to make the club the success it is today. Thanks Chandan!

If you’re interested in joining or finding out more about the UW Photo Club, here is some helpful information:

Subscribe to our mailing list to get event updates 

Like our facebook page for contests, events and other fun stuff

If there are any questions feel free to email us at info@uwphoto.ca or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website 

Third year Global Business and Digital Arts Student at UW! Dog Lover. Wine Enthusiast. Designer. 
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