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Types of People You’ll See During Exam Season

With final exams in full swing, you’ll be overloaded with tons of workload and stress. But remember that you’re not the only one. Different people deal with stress their own ways and you may notice these types of people during exam season this year:

1. The Perfectionist

This is the type of person who is born genius. They don’t even have to try hard to be in the top 1% of the class. Everyone wants to be like them. There’s no big deal when it comes to exam. To them, homework and exams are basically the same thing. While you are spending hundreds of hours reviewing the notes and going through sample tests; “The Perfectionists” are netflixing, chilling and enjoying life at their best. They are living “La Vie en Rose”.  


2. The Busy Bee

The library is their home: they study there, eat there or even sleep there, perhaps… They spend a huge amount of time studying in order to get good marks as “The Perfectionists”. As the result of their hard work, “The Busy Bees” have very less or even no social life at all.  


3. The Pretender

Whenever you question them about the exam, all you hear is this repetitive response: “I haven’t study anything, I think I’ll get bad marks”. It’s totally a LIE, don’t get fooled. “The Pretenders” always complain to you that they haven’t done any revisions but when it comes to result, they get an 80%. I know you all have one friend like that. And if you are that person, please re-evaluate yourself. You are unintentionally hurting others’ feeling, be honest!


4. The Coffee Addict

These people have a very passionate love for coffee. No coffee means no life. Coffee helps to reduce stress and increase work efficiency. Any types of coffee work for them, no matter whether it’s a latte, cappuccino or dark roast. The “Coffee Addicts” are easily spotted with a venti cup of coffee on their hand.  


5. The Trouble Maker

Alias: The most irritating person you’ve ever known. These people hardly ever go to class and always ask you for your notes. It’s even worst when it comes to exam season, “The Trouble Makers” won’t leave you alone studying. They will bother you with story of their lives, their exes and how are they going to fail this exam, blah blah… *sigh*. Beware of these people in the exam room, there’s a high chance that they’re going to borrow your pen!


I hope studying is going okay for the finals. Be a Warrior not a worrier!

Nicole Dang

Waterloo '21

Hi! I'm Nicole, a third-year Science and Business student at University of Waterloo
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