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It was a day full of music, exciting performances, and scrumptious food. Well, to five-year-olds,  all birthday party foods are quite inviting!! It was our, my twin and I’s, fifth birthday. We were celebrating it with great joy and excitement. And as we entered our sixth year, we whole-heartedly hoped to travel abroad for the first time. 

Fortunately, over our next summer holidays, my family decided to take a trip travelling to various countries in Europe. For my twin and I, the most awaited part of the trip was Disneyland in Paris. As six-year-olds, Disneyland was just magical for us and we loved every aspect; the characters, rides, shops, and shows. 

Unexpectedly, my most memorable day of the vacation was the day we spent sightseeing in London. On that day, as I made myself comfortable in the quirky yellow amphibian bus that was to tour my family all over London, I heard a baritone voice over the speakers, "I am your captain speaking!". I looked up from my seat to see a tall, middle-aged man, well dressed in a pseudo-Navy suit. The captain, while having a sunny disposition, made the rules we needed to follow, and the list of do's and don'ts abundantly clear. Instructions were elucidated with a mixture of brevity and wit: "The trash must be disposed only in the plastic covers hung near your seat and NOT on the floor, else you will find yourself on the pavement I'm afraid! Do not carry any ice cream onto the bus, unless it's for me. Every two hours there will be a bio-break, for when nature calls, all other calls to get dropped!". His head was held high with pride for his job and love for the vehicle and its cleanliness, much like the captain of a fine cruise!

On that balmy summer day, apart from the gleaming buildings, serene parks, and resplendent monuments of London, another striking feature of the UK and indeed much of the Western world came into stark view. There was respect for every vocation and pride in every job. Also, people treated their place of work as a place of worship.  At the end of the trip, I thanked the captain for a memorable day and for the life lessons that I gained.

My outlook changed on my return home, and I looked at each individual as a human being. I connected the dots: we exist to share love & happiness with all, and any other thing - such as qualification, job, position - is incidental.  

Hey hi hello! My name is Jetashree Ravi (Nickname: Jet! ?). As an aspiring female developer, I am pursuing Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. I love designing, developing, DIY-ing, sketching, scuba diving, and chasing chaildish conversations.
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