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Top 6 Study Playlists on Spotify

It’s the most stressful time of the year, finals season! I hope my favourite study playlists from Spotify will help you stay focused through all your studying, assignments and group projects. I’ll leave the description spotify wrote along with my thoughts on each playlist. Enjoy and good luck!

1. Chill.Out.Brain

(Image courtesy of pixabay)

I really like this playlist for when I’m feeling tired but I know I need to focus. It wakes me up but doesn’t distract me with any lyrics. Unfortunately, this playlist doesn’t have any description from spotify other than ‘calm electronic music’, but I think that’s description enough!


2.  Mellow Beats

(Image courtesy of Laskoski Marcela from Unsplash)

I like this playlist I listen to when I decide to stay up until 2am doing work on my own, not because I have something due 8am. It’s really chill and I can enjoy the beats without worrying about how focused I need to be.

Spotify description: “Whether you’re chilling out or focusing on work, stay relaxed with these mellow beats and hip hop instrumentals.”


3. Deep Focus

(Image courtesy of JohnsonGoh from pixabay)

Unlike the previous playlist, this is the one I listen to when I’m up until dawn because I procrastinated all week. It gives me an “I could be sleeping if I wasn’t trash” vibe, which is a nice pair with the coffee from Tims you’ve heated up twice now. This playlist has relaxing guitars and calming drums, which really do help me focus like the title says. I hope it works for you!

Spotify description: “Keep calm and focus. This playlist has some great, atmospheric rock to help you relax and concentrate.”


4. All out 90s

(Image courtesy of De Wit Yvette from Unsplash)

Throwbacks are always good for group projects. This playlist will have everything from Coolio to The Spice Girls, so everybody wins! Just make sure you stay focused while you sing and dance.

Spotify description: “The decade brought to you by boy bands, girl groups, grunge and europop: there’s a lot to pack into our 90s nostalgia fest!”


5. Zen | Indie Folk for Focus

(Image courtesy of Rusu George Lucien from Unsplash)

I feel like this image perfectly describes the type of music you’ll listen to. I’m listening to it right now and the end of the song is just crickets! It’s a very calming, acoustic playlist. It’s normally the playlist I put on if I’m not in the mood to be productive or if I’m doing something creative. Two very different reasons but it works for me!

Spotify description: “Zone in (or out) with ethereal, meditative instrumental indie folk and acoustic.”


6. Classical Essentials

(Image courtesy of Doucet Providence from Unsplash)

I find classical music easier to listen to as I study the difficult, heavy subjects. This playlist has some beautiful pieces that are really easy to make sure I focus on studying while listening. It’s a good variety of classical music too, so you’re not stuck listening to only piano ballads.

Spotify description: “101 essential tracks from 101 classical recordings, covering a wide range of composers, eras, and styles. Best starting point for those that are new to the fascinating world of classical music.”


They’re all very long playlists so you should be good to study all day with just one of them. I hope there was a playlist here that you’ll enjoy. Keep working hard and you’ll be on Winter break before you know it!

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