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Tilt – Why You Need It

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

Tilt is an app that’s perfect for Waterloo students. It’s secure, easy to use, and can help ensure your friends pay you back. You create a profile on the application and ‘follow’ friends you’ll most likely exchange money with. You have the option to create ‘groups’ if there was an item being split by multiple people or simply create a transfer between two people. All of these transactions are tracked in the ‘activity’ tab of the app, making it easy to budget and keep track of who owes you money and who you owe money. No doubt, the best feature of Tilt is the $0 fee for doing an interac transfer. With online banking you usually pay $1.50 to send someone money online but with Tilt you just send the money with no extra costs included, yay!!

Below are some examples of what you can use Tilt for:

1. Food

This is a super easy way to pay someone back for getting you a cup of coffee, buying pizza late at night, or even if they grabbed a few things for you at the grocery store.


2. Bar Cover

As students we’re all crazy busy and a lot of us don’t have time to get cash from the bank or an ATM before going out.  You can even start a Tilt for bar cover before you even go out! Same can be said for picking up booze or paying cover for a party.


3. Gas Money

Chipping in for gas is something a lot of students are used to, especially if they don’t have a car in the city. Drivers will be more apt to take you places if they know they’ll for sure receive some gas money from you. Not to mention this makes trips to the mall, grocery stores, or rides out of the city a lot easier.


4. Team/Club Expenses

If the president of a club orders t-shirts or a sports team leader orders team jerseys, this is a fast and simple way to track who’s paid for their swag. You don’t have to pick up cash and get exact change before the next practice or meeting. If you pay before then you can just grab it next time you’re with your group and voila, hassle free!


5. Gifts

It’s not uncommon for friends to split on a gift. When holidays come around there may be gifts being bought for Profs, a friend’s going away, a friend who’s sick, etc. This is another example of where Tilt could be used. Plus if a few friends decide they want to contribute after most have paid, then it’s easy for them to contribute their money and the gift-buyer could just transfer everyone else back some of their money. Ah, the ease of no-fee transfers.


6. Utility Bills or Rent


If you live in a place that doesn’t have the utilities included, this can get messy. No one wants to spend $1.50 every time they’re sending a housemate money (we’re broke students!) and since Tilt can be used for larger amounts of money, this is a great use of the app. Again, it can help track how much your utilities are and help everyone stay on top of this.


7. Weekend Trips / Group Events

Planning to go to the St. Jacobs market? Toronto? Montreal? Tilt can help split trip expenses evenly from snacks, gas, hotels, etc. It can also make sure everyone doesn’t overspend during the getaway. Plus it can be used for events like the Kin Games! Tilt was used for the 2016 Kin Games, collecting almost $3,000 in entry fees.


8. Spontaneous Things

This can apply to almost anything. A student at San Diego State in California rallied the entire school to chip in money to bring G-Eazy to perform. He used Tilt to collect the money and was touched by the effort and support his fellow students made. And, yes the concert did happen!

Since the app costs nothing to download, make your best pals download it because everyone will benefit from it. Whether it’s getting money back, feeling good about not owing anyone or just having the ability to track spending. UW is already an avid Tilt using school so join the club Warriors!


Check out their website here or download the app.

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