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Three Things to Do In Waterloo This St. Paddy’s If You Are Avoiding Ezra

If you live in Waterloo, and haven’t heard about the annual St. Paddy’s Day Ezra Street Fest, where have you been the past five years? The annual sea of green that can be seen all day on March 17th on Ezra lasts from the crack of dawn until dusk, and it usually involves several drunk hooligans as well. However, this year the stakes are higher; the local police are really cracking down on the rowdiness of this event and are threatening potentially criminal charges for partiers.


If you and your crew are opting for the safe route this year (count me in on that one), here are three fun options that likely will avoid any trouble and still ensure you enjoy the day’s festivities:


1) Grab some popcorn and watch a St. Paddy’s Day Movie

If you are feeling rather introverted this St. Paddy’s, perhaps grab a few members of your group and watch a fun Irish themed film. Leap Year or Once, anyone?


2) Grab Some Festive Food

Who doesn’t love food? A bunch of local food restaurants (including the Bombshelter Pub) offer festive events for St. Paddy’s day! Some restaurants even feature green beer (for those of us who are of age) and festive food items to get you in the St. Paddy’s Day spirit. If you are looking for a more tame day, why not spend it in a local pub?


3) Go Clover Hunting

Looking for a little extra Irish luck to get you through the rest of 2018? Although it won’t be the warmest, the weather on Saturday is supposed to be relatively sunny. Why not go for a hike on a local trail and search for some four-leaf clovers? It may seem a little cheesy, but it is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and see a little more of that nature!



However you choose to spend your St. Paddy’s, we hope you have a fun and safe day of celebrating!


Cheers from Her Campus Waterloo!

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Shannon is a Junior at UCF studying Communications and Magazine Journalism. She enjoys laughing, traveling, taking photos, and being a foodie. In her spare time you can find Shannon watching Friends re-runs or blogging. She loves bagels, fashion, listening to throwbacks, and channeling her inner Blake Lively! Follow her on Twitter & Instagram
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