Taking On A Long Distance Valentine

Long distance is difficult to say the least. You would know this if you and your boo are on different co-op streams, time zones, and sometimes even continents. You would know the struggles of being unable to see each other on the daily, going out alone in the midst of cuffing season, and aligning schedules to still find quality time together somehow.

Valentine’s can be a reminder to anyone who’s alone right now that the loneliness is a hardship. Here are some suggestions to help you through the season of love when the one you love is away.


1. Still Spend Valentines Together.

If you can, set up a dinner date video call, a movie watch time, a special phone call, or a little package or letter to remind them that though you hate the distance, you still love them.


2. Watch Videos Together.

Some Youtube sharing websites include Watch2gether, Togethertube, Let’s Gaze, and Sharetube. Also, Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch your favourite shows from different couches.


3. Take the Conversation into Video Chat.

Even if you can’t reach out to touch them, video calls help remind you of their voice and how good they look in pyjamas. Some apps include:  Facebook Messenger, Discord which allows screen share, voicecall, videocall, and chat options


4. Include Common Interests in The Apart Time.

Snapchat now has a feature where you can play games like Tic Tac Toe back and forth. Some game apps let you have multiplayer sessions with your significant other. You can even risk Canada Post times and send inside joke related items in a care package. Make them a Spotify playlist to share music together.


5. Solidify the Importance.

Remember why you’re going through the extra effort. This is key for all the harder days. You have to know why the wait is worth it to get through the waiting period. Is it making each other happy that keeps you going? What are you most looking forward to when you see them next? There are qualities about some people that make them one of a kind. The love you have together will never be the same with anyone else.


6. Manage Expectations, Trust Each Other, and Communicate.

Do not pull a silent treatment, get petty with jealousy, or keep big points from them as these will test and push your relationship.


7. Don’t Forget to Live Your Own Adventures.

Make the time apart bearable by doing what makes you happy and taking care of yourself first and foremost. It’s okay to have fun without them. You know they're out there.