Studying For Midterms During A Pandemic

Many of you are likely preparing for midterm exams right now and must be stressing over how to manage studying for them while we are in the midst of a pandemic. Whether you are at home or on campus, here are 5 tips to optimize your time and study for your midterms.

  1. 1. Wake Up Early

    I know this one may be a little hard to do, but trust me, it’s a game-changer, seriously. You get so much more work done in the mornings than you will while pulling an all-nighter because guess what? You’re extremely tired and your brain is constantly under the impression that it is time to sleep, so you will process all that information slower and it will be hard to recall later.  

  2. 2. Plan Out Your Day/Week

    This one is an absolute must during online school because you have so many things due and so many things to study for that it can be hard to prioritize and keep track of all of them at once. I personally use a planner to keep all my dates in one place and then I also make to-do lists every day in my bullet journal. It can be a fun break time for me and I can avoid wasting time the next day figuring out what I need to do.

  3. 3. Take Those Breaks In Between

    Speaking of breaks, they are a very important part of not becoming a zombie by mid-day because your brain needs refreshment and rejuvenation to function properly. Trust me, if you don’t want those afternoon headaches from looking at a screen all day, then you should go have a snack or take a stroll if the weather is nice. And if you’re reading this article right now, this is a reminder to go take a break!

  4. 4. Plan Out Your Study Area

    The place where you study is super important because it sets your mood and motivation to study and finish those assignments. Make sure your study area has everything you will need at arm's length because it will keep you from having to get up and go find those things. Also, remember to put motivational things around your desk to keep you focused, especially since most of you are at home doing school. 

  5. 5. Act Like It Is A Normal School Day

    Lastly, make your day into a normal day at campus where you get up at a certain time and do all the normal things you used to. For example, my everyday routine is going for a run when I wake up, meditating, and showering before I start studying. Trust me, consistency and being disciplined makes it a little bit easier to conquer online classes. 

Those were my 5 tips for studying and staying focused this reading week while you’re studying for midterms. Let's be motivated and conquer those classes in these uncertain times. I hope these tips helped you, and until next time, keep studying and being your awesome selves!