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Struggles of Living in Waterloo During the Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

Last week was the first snowstorm in Waterloo and a lot of people were not happy about it, myself included. Although winter signifies Christmas which is my favourite holiday, winter definitely causes a lot of struggles. Below are some of my personal struggles in the winter.

Crowded Buses 

If you thought the buses were already crowded in the fall, just wait until winter. No one picks walking over bussing in the cold, so buses are at an all-time max. This causes the bus driver to yell at everyone to move to the back and take as little space as possible so that more people can get on. It’s even worse when you’re getting off the bus and trying to move through the crowd so you can get off. But hey it’s better than walking in below-freezing weather.

Slipping on The Ice

If you ask someone if they’ve ever slipped on ice and they say no, they’re probably lying or very lucky. I have definitely had my fair amounts of slips but who hasn’t. Every day in the winter, I need to mentally prepare myself before I leave my house. But you know what, clicker participation marks are definitely more important than avoiding public embarrassment. 

Going Out to The Club

Going out on a regular weekend is already a struggle but when it’s snowing, going out becomes a hassle. The first problem is having to find a cute outfit that will not cause you to freeze to death in line (so you can say dresses are most likely out of the picture). The second problem is that some clubs will have unnecessary long lines. Even though I have my winter jacket on, it’s not enough to keep me from freezing outside for over an hour. These lines annoy me so much because once you go inside, the club isn’t even packed so what were we even waiting outside for? The third problem is that even though your crew decided to trek in the snow to go out to a club, not everyone else is going to do the same. I will admit that I have been to Phils during a snowstorm and there were only 20 other people there. Let’s just say it was an odd experience and I will not be doing it again. 

Although I complained about struggles during the winter, it still has a special place in my heart. Christmas is my favourite holiday, so winter is always such a happy and magical time for me no matter what struggles I go through.

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