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Stress Reliever: Hot Guys

Since October is now officially underway, it means it’s now midterm season (no one’s favourite season). But have no fear, if you need something to lift you up during this time of high stress, hot guys and the internet can be the best combination.

One more chapter!


Racing to finish notes faster, yes please


Look at those work ethics


When you’re talking yourself down


You can do it


And get to work


If this won’t help you keep going, I don’t know what will.

All jokes aside, school can be extremely stressful, especially for first-years when it feels like it’s all coming down on you so fast. Remember to take time out of your day to take a break and keep your mental health in check. Your priority is maintaining your health, even though it can seem impossible during a time like this. Make some tea, snuggle up in bed, and watch an episode or two (or read some more Her Campus articles!)

I enjoy naps, cake and sarcasm. Besides that I'm in Honours Science at the University of Waterloo!
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