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Stocking Stuffers You Have to Try This Holiday Season

Here we are again; another holiday season. Personally, Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love the snow that’s (usually) dusting all the trees, the meals spent with my family around the dinner table, and getting to make everyone happy by buying them the perfect gift. I know not everyone celebrates it, but for those of you that do, here’s a list of some ideas for stockings this holiday season!

  1. For your significant other

Every year, whether it’s for birthdays or holidays, so many people struggle with what to get their partner. I know my boyfriend does, which is the opposite of me; I know what I’m getting people months before the date.

For my boyfriend, I tend to get him small things that he needs as a stocking stuffer. This includes socks, underwear (Saxx to be specific), CDs, chopsticks, and deodorant! Little things like that are perfect for a stocking or just as little gifts.

As for what I’ve received in my stocking, it’s usually things like socks, underwear, jewellery, candles, and essential oils. I like to think I’m easy to shop for, but I guess I don’t really know!

  1. For a friend

My go-to presents for my friends that are small, cheap, and adorable are cute mugs! Whether they’re from Walmart or Indigo, a mug for a friend is one of the best gifts. Not to mention chocolate, too. Last year, my friend got me an adorable little plant (I’d like to say I still have it today, but unfortunately, it died). I also really like getting essential oils and candles that smell great, and bring a little cheer into someone’s day. Another option is a coffee or tea package for caffeine lovers. 

  1. For your parents

I find that parents are always the hardest people to shop for; they’re normally the ones buying you gifts! For my mom, kitchen supplies and cute decorations for the house are always the best options. Oh yeah, and essential oils — she’s obsessed with those.

For my dad, he’s even trickier. Normally I get him a mug or underwear. At least I know he needs and uses those!

  1. For “us”

This is an interesting one; it’s a gift for your significant other, but it includes both of you. Some classic examples of these gifts are tickets to the movies, a cooking class, a pottery class, or a trip somewhere! I find these are the most comforting and fun to do.

  1. For a sibling

Buying gifts for a sibling is usually pretty easy if you’re similar to them. My sister likes makeup products, hair products, and earrings, whereas my brother likes gift cards, socks, and underwear.

Honestly, stocking stuffers are pretty easy. Most stocking stuffers can also be turned into big gifts, too! Just try to think about who you’re getting the gift for, what they need, and what they like to do. I hope this list helps you get some great gifts for everyone on your list this season. Merry Christmas!

Hey! I'm a second-year honours arts student at the University of Waterloo majoring in English and a writer for HC Waterloo! I'm also an avid reader (go Gryffindor!) who has a new obsession with plants!
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