Spring, the Shady Ex

With the recent start of Daylight Saving Time and some pleasantly mild weather, we've all been feeling major spring vibes lately. But be warned: Spring likely isn't here to stay. Around here, it never does. Exhibit A: You may recall those few weeks of spring weather last year... right before a huge snowstorm in April that resulted in postponed exams. This is all too common in Waterloo. Spring comes around and shows you a good time, just to disappear a few days later and leave you in the cold. If you really think about, spring is basically that one shady ex of yours, or the seemingly wonderful guy you went on one awesome date with, only for him to ghost you the next day... and then show up again 2 weeks later to lead you on again.



If you've lived in southwestern Ontario for more than a year (or if you've ever dated a shady guy), you know the story all too well. Around February or March, after months of snow and ice, suddenly the temperature rises above zero. The snow starts to melt down a little, and you replace your snow boots with rain boots. And just like when you meet a cute, funny, new guy for the first time, you think "Hey, this could be something". You enjoy those first few days, and with every day that passes, you warm up to this new situation even more. But before you know it, it's all over. You're hit with a fresh snowfall, and with that, a fresh wave of disappointment, just like when New Guy mysteriously ghosts out of nowhere. You bring out your winter coat and hat again and try to move on. A couple weeks go by. You get used to life without Spring. Excuse me, New Guy who? When you've finally accepted that this is your life now, Spring suddenly comes back around. It's the seasonal equivalent of when the guy that you've almost forgotten about hits you with that "Heyy" text. You're suspicious, naturally. You've been let down before. Can you really trust that Spring is here to stay this time? Probably not. But Spring is so nice to have around that you decide to give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Spring really was just busy. Maybe Spring had a personal crisis. So, better judgement be damned, you let yourself believe that it could be real this time. Spring might actually be here to stay. But then, after a few days of enjoying all the loveliness Spring has to offer, boom, another snowstorm, and Spring peaces out once again.



And so the cycle continues, over and over from February to April or May. You think it’s finally Spring for real, but then you get hit with another blast of winter weather. Unfortunately, you can never trust that Spring is actually going to stick around. It truly is just as fickle and disappointing as the shadiest person you’ve ever dated. And yet, you can’t help but be kinda into it anyway. Painfully accurate, right?

The difference here is that Spring isn’t an actual, conscious, decision-making person and therefore can’t be held responsible for the disappointment it causes. So while I cannot in good conscience tell you to keep seeing a guy that you know will only disappoint you, I will tell you to enjoy Spring as much as possible while it lasts. Go outside, wear florals, break out your favourite rain boots, and appreciate all that spring has to offer, because winter will be back with a vengeance before you know it.


Happy Spring! xoxo


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