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Spring is Here: 8 Ideas You Need to Try!

The days have been cold, the nights have been colder, and we’re sick and tired of the snow. But finally there’s a glimmer of hope in the distance. Recently we’ve seen a rise in temperature that has students hearts’ fluttering with the chance of spring time. No more treks to class in knee high snow, no more walking home from clubs and freezing with only tights on, finally temperatures are warm enough to spend time outside – and enjoy it!

Spring is in the air, and Waterloo students couldn’t be more ready for it. So as we all cautiously hope the warm weather will continue, here are some great ideas of what to plan for your spring!

1) Plan a picnic

Seriously, we know this one sounds old fashioned, but for University students on a budget who doesn’t like the sound of a potluck meal on a grassy hill. Bring a guitar and a frisbee and you’re set for an afternoon of entertainment!

2) Take a hike

You may not have been able to adhere to your New Year’s resolution of getting active, but springtime is the perfect time to reinvigorate it. With new flowers and trees in bloom and a lot less mud underfoot now is the time to get some fresh air and a leg workout. Bring along some friends and you won’t even notice the fact that you’re exercising!

3) Sit outside at a cafe

Perhaps you’re more of the leisure type and want fresh air without the looming thought of exercise. So take a stroll to your favourite coffee shop and grab a book to treat yourself to a classy afternoon of reading. You get the fresh air without having to be too much in nature.

4) Go horseback riding

Let’s face it, there was no child that didn’t want to ride a horse when they were little. Now’s your chance to find a local farm or riding school and call about trail rides. Enjoy some time fantasizing about fast paced horse chases and admiring the scenery.

5) Fly a kite

While I have never managed to successfully do this in my life, I have high hopes to make kite flying happen this spring. Pick a windy day and a nice hill and you’re halfway to an afternoon of fun and soon to be childhood memories!

6) Visit a farmer’s market

With St. Jacobs market so close by there really is no excuse not to snag all the fresh vegetables and fruits, plus there’s so many cool handmade things to be found. Add a market into your shopping rotation to pick up new and original pieces!

7) Go bare-legged

Perhaps not an activity per say, but who doesn’t want the feel of spring air and lack of layers we’ve all been sporting for winter. I know I can’t wait to bring out my spring dresses!

8) Visit a drive in theatre

This is a great date idea and is definitely also fun with friends! You don’t need a car, bussing and using a blanket is perfectly acceptable. But cash in on this great excuse to reenact the 60’s!

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