Spreading Winter Joy

Winter is fast approaching! Although snow blizzards and less daylight may dampen the mood, there is still joy to be shared during the winter season. Below are some ways you can spread joy all winter long. 1. Bake goods for family and friends. From shortbread cookies to fruit cake to red velvet cake, there’s so much to bake and share during the winter season.

2. Lend a helping hand to a friend or volunteer to give back to your community

3. Wish people well. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or any other celebratory holiday, wishing others well will bring joy to their face.  

4. Meet up with friends even if its hard getting out when there’s snow. Find time to spend with your friends and make sure you are there for them during winter.


5. Do small acts of kindness like holding the door, giving someone tissues, or helping someone carrying groceries.

6. Tell people close to you how much you appreciate them and anything else that’s from the heart.


I wish you a wonderful winter season!