She was born to flourish

She was born to challenge life


If she couldn’t dance

She wouldn’t walk either

She can fly in the periphery

She can drown in the absurdity


She can fight the consequences

She can climb the mountains

She can dive deep

Until she finds what she wants


Find a treasure chest

Put her heart into it

Close it tight and hide her heart

This brutal world will hurt it.


She is strong enough

Vivacious enough

To live in cruelty

She brings alive reality

But, in the shadow of facade.  


She wants to spread love

She wants peace

She wants equality

But the bitter reality of it all.  


There is enough in the world

She is enough

Her effort is enough

Her love is enough.  


Only if the world knew

Her purity

Her safety

Her curiosity

Her courage.  


She is a mother

She is a daughter

She is a wife

She is a friend.  


She is enough

She will always be enough…