Reasons Why You Should Watch The Lord of The Rings Trilogy  

Lord of the Rings is one of my top movie series of all time.  Every year I do a full marathon of the whole trilogy. I remember first watching the movies when I was 10 years old and ever since then I have been a HUGE fan of the trilogy! Here are some reasons why you should watch it!


New Zealand Landscape

This movie really shows how beautiful of a country New Zealand is. In almost every scene of the movie you can the great open spaces and beautiful mountain ranges.


It's a Great Story of Friendship

You wouldn’t expect it, but the story really shows how strong of a bond the main characters have that can pull your heartstrings  


An Adventure That Can Keep You at the Edge of Your Seat

This is a great adventure! You think that the story line is straightforward and usual, but every few moments something unexpected shakes up the plot!


Great Soundtrack

The soundtrack is amazing, it matches so well with each scene that it makes you feel the emotions and atmosphere even more.  


It’s Easy to Gain a Quick Understanding of the Different Creatures and Lands

There may be a whole lot of creatures and places in Lord of the Rings, but they do give short but proper explanations of creatures in the movie that are easy enough for everyone to understand, even if it’s someone’s first time watching.


It’s Award Winning

The series has won over 15 Oscars along with many other awards including best picture for the latest movie, Return of the Kings.


It's Hilarious

The number of memes that come from these movies is incredible. This movie is an adventure movie but it has many funny moments


It’s an Amazing Movie

It really is an amazing movie. I highly recommend you to watch it when you have time!