Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Based on Your Major

In spirit of the Halloween, it’s time to unleash your creativity and decorate pumpkins! Not all of us have the dedication, time, or ability to be the next Picasso of pumpkins, but here are some ideas for every type of student.



Remember those middle-school volcanoes everyone had to make for the science fair? It’s finally time to put those skills to use and top everyone else’s pumpkin. Start by hollowing out the pumpkin, and carving a face. Next, fill the pumpkin with warm water and food colouring, as well as a few drops of dish soap. When you’re ready to make the explosion, add a few teaspoons of baking soda and a 1/4 cup of vinegar. Then watch your pumpkin erupt!



Take out your paint and brushes and display your creativity all over the pumpkin without making a mess! Add glitter, stickers, or anything else your heart desires! Your pumpkin will surely be unique and the talk of those around you.



We all know engineers are too busy to carve pumpkins, but still want to participate in the holiday spirit. So, why waste time carving when you can reuse the faces from your old potato head toys and have a pumpkin face in a matter of seconds. They'll be funny and still festive!



We’re going the traditional route on this one, get out your stencils and carve yourself a pumpkin! Even save the extra pieces and seeds for fertilizer and snacks later! Who doesn't love eating toasted pumpkin seeds and composting?!



Why carve pumpkins when you can make pumpkin pi? Although, If you still want to take part of the pumpkin carving festivities, think about putting a pink tie on it or carving a funny math joke into it!



Get a little creative, and bring out that inner surfer-dude. Take up the latest trend and carve yourself some pineapples! You can be just as crazy as the other faculties with your designs, but still distinguish your own abilities and creativity.