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It’s rare to be close in age to one of your role models and it’s an even greater privilege to get to grow alongside them – to cheer for them when they succeed, to help them up when they fall and to celebrate wins, big and small, together.


You are my best friend, my role model and my favourite person to laugh at. Writing this proved more difficult than I thought because every time I tried, I cried. You have given me another family, confidence in myself, and countless memories I will treasure forever.


During our big/little date 2 years ago at Starbucks, I knew you were going to become my person. We talked until Starbucks closed about work, life, love and coffee. Your big little reveal card is, to this day, one of my most prized kappa memories.



You’ve grown into an amazing person and now mother. From pulling out your blotting powder in the middle of Phil’s to cucumber Gatorade, falling over in the line for an event immediately after I told you to watch your step and us crying/ laughing as you said, “please don’t become me…” I’ve told you this before, but I would be lucky to be one-hundredth of the person you are.


You are filled with such joy, determination and generosity and when we walk across the stage this Spring I’ll be clapping just as loudly as your mom.



Image courtesy of author, Claire Quong

Claire Quong

Waterloo '20

Claire is a student at the University of Waterloo and a member of the Zeta Omega chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma
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