Navigating the Toronto Christmas Market Like A Pro

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than diving into a sensory overload of all things Christmas all at once? After visiting the Toronto Christmas Market during opening weekend, here are some tips and tricks I picked up to navigate this exciting experience like a pro.


Before you arrive:

Buy online

On weekends, there is a small entrance fee to get into the market. Though the line moves fairly quickly, you can save the hassle by buying your ticket online!


There are several entrances!

You have your ticket but, the line to get in goes waaaayyy down the sidewalk… will you ever get in? No need to panic, just take a 2 minute walk and explore to find another entrance. I found the entrance closest to ticket sales to be extremely busy, so if you're down to take some extra steps and save some time, find another way in! #innovation.



You're in! Now what…


Make a beeline to your fave restaurant and get your name down on the guest list

It's easy to get distracted by the glorious lights, sights, smells, and festive music all around you, but if you're planning to eat at a sit down restaurant, go there first! It's a busy time so the wait will be long - get your name down on the guest list so you can spend your wait time enjoying the market and not hangry!



Take a stroll and snap some pictures that are aesthetic af

We live in an Instagram world, and many businesses in the market are on top of their game, providing picture perfect backdrops for you to take advantage of. Get creative! There's no way you'll take a bad photo with the masses of sparkly lights and positive vibes all around.



Sip on some spiked hot cocoa

Or a regular hot chocolate, depending on if your feeling naughty or nice. 10/10 would recommend the toasted coconut + rum chocolate to warm you up.


Get some comfort food and sit for a while

Whether it's with the reservation you made earlier, or a bite from one of the many food trucks offering delicious warm food, indulge in something you normally wouldn't make for yourself for a special treat. Enjoy the music, good company, and holiday spirit!


Happy holidays everyone! Get out there and enjoy the festivities!



Photo Credits: Rachel Hickey