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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

Podcasting has become the latest craze for celebrities and Internet personalities of every genre. I love to listen to podcasts while I’m grocery shopping or driving longer distances, it really helps kill the time and makes you feel like you’re chatting with friends. Wherever you choose to listen, here are some of my all-time favourite podcasts! These have brought me joy in different ways but through them I’ve learnt more about myself and my confidence and been able to hear one-of-a-kind interviews with inspiring women! Who doesn’t love a good female-founded moment! 

MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth 

★ @moodwithlaurenelizabeth 

Lauren Elizabeth is a lifestyle content creator with a following of over 1 million on all of her social media platforms. Launching MOOD was a big move for Lauren’s career and as she mentions in her episodes, she hopes to help her listeners feel seen and understood in their struggles. I personally enjoy this podcast for its reflective nature and nuanced topics. Lauren discusses her journey with mental health and addresses topics like medication, self-love and body acceptance. As impressive as it already sounds, Lauren has done all of this while becoming sober and now discusses her path to sobriety and understanding addiction. Lauren is a role model for every Millennial/Gen Z entrepreneur and is known as the resident “Internet cool girl” with all the information about the latest trends. 

I recommend listening to: 
★ E28: It’s Okay to NOT Be Okay 
★ E40: Let’s Talk About Ovaries, Vulnerability and Business 
★ E42: “SHOULD-ING” all over yourself – are you doing it & how we stop… 

The Layover Podcast

★ @theelayover 

The Layover Podcast shares community stories, quotes, questions, and thoughts. The show is hosted by Nneka Julia, a Detroit-based writer and photographer. This show is great for a multitude of reasons, but I listen to hear powerful reflections from anonymous people. Topics like dealing with imposter syndrome or becoming more comfortable with yourself are discussed. This podcast has reminded me to take ownership of my life and unlearn doubtful, negative self-talk. I recommend that every “20-something” year old, no matter where they are in their self-love journey, take a listen. I prefer to listen to these when I have time to reflect or journal about them but they are educational and introspective nonetheless!

I recommend listening to: 
★ E14: You Haven’t Outdone Yourself 
★ E17: Show Up 
★ E19: It’s Okay To Have Sex 

Here’s The Thing with Janet and Alexa 

★ @heresthethinggg 

Here’s The Thing is hosted by the dynamic duo of Alexa and Janet. This podcast is absolutely hilarious and makes me wish that you could fly to LA to join them in the studio. Alexa and Janet address a variety of issues surrounding dating, hookups and their “journey of being cute, black and fab in Hollywood”. Over the last year, Janet and Alexa have interviewed and chatted with guests like fellow podcasters and women from different walks of life. If you’re looking to let off some steam and listen to some light-hearted convo, this is definitely the podcast for you. 

I recommend listening to: 


★ @okaysispodcast 

OkaySis follows the pop cultural musings of two LA based sisters. Scout Sobel and Mady Maio host weekly discussions with powerful, ambitious women that they deem “girl-crush worthy”. If I could assign someone as being the ultimate “influencer”, it would be OkaySis. These women have given me some of the best product recommendations I’ve ever received. The sisters spend the duration of the episode discussing their current fixations and chatting with guests who are masters of their own domain. Their sisterly banter is absolutely hilarious and makes me wish I grew up with an older sister like Scout. Scout also runs a business called “Scout’s Agency”, an organization that aims to amplify female voices. She has managed to grow this agency, which manages OkaySis, to a 6 figure net worth. Listening to OkaySis makes you feel their signature “sororal energy.” Scout and Mady foster this feeling of community and support among their Okay Sis(ters) while answering nearly all of their DMs and comments! If you’re missing your sisters or your best friends, I totally recommend. 

I recommend listening to: 
★ Charlotte MicKinney: Major Modeling Energy, How To Deal With Criticism, Finding Confidence and How To Take A Sexy Photo
★ Odacite: Valerie Grandury On Parisian Skincare, Removing Toxins From Your Life, And Why Our Skin Is The Softest It’s Ever Been 
★ Fix Me Up: SELF-PRESERVATION Quarantine Edition!

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