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A Letter to My Grade 12 Self

Dear Grade 12 Me,

I know you’ve been stressing about university and the future, but it’s about time you take everybody’s advice and relax a little. Though your application process doesn’t work out the way that you had thought it would, it’s ok. You get into a great university and are in an amazing program which actually makes you question how you ever thought you would love anything else more.

Another thing you worry a lot about is your friends. You remain close with quite a few people from high school and they are truly the best friends you could ask for. They are the familiar voices on the phone that get you through on the days where everything seems to be changing too quickly. That’s another thing, you are starting to learn to embrace change as this year has been full of it. You will change and grow as a person which is amazing.

Next year you will meet some fantastic people – some of whom you won’t be able to imagine your life without. You will struggle with school because university is hard but you will also overcome challenges and surprise yourself.

Overall, you will become the person that everyone was telling you that you can be. They were right and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. So far it looks like we will have had an amazing first year, although we were doubtful we would. So you don’t have to worry so much. We are fine.

Trust me, I know.


First Year Me

Alexis Egi

Waterloo '21

Alexis is a planning student at the University of Waterloo. Alexis has published a young adult novel and has had her work published in a number of Canadian anthologies. Alexis loves writing, cooking and reading.
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