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A Letter to Everyone in Midterm & Interview Season

To everyone in midterm and interview season:

I’ve already had three mental breakdowns before writing this, and we just had Thanksgiving break; a time supposedly for reuniting with family and being grateful for what we have in life. Firstly, I hope everyone had time to catch up on readings and assignments, and were able to catch a breath of air before continuing to swim through the fast midterm/interview lane (RIP). Secondly, I’m also writing this so that I, myself, can try to calm down and realize that I have to prepare my best to hopefully aim and hit the bullseye at the interview. You know, sometimes I wonder, am I the only one who stresses just as much about getting an interview vs. not getting any at all? Maybe it’s due to messing up on my first interview, that now I’m in panic mode for my upcoming ones. I’m just so nervous because I’m really hoping to land a job in first round.

Anyways, enough of my rambling, here’s the comfort talk.

I know you’re nervous, and so am I. I know we both want good grades, and we have every potential there is to get them. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably nervous to hit the ground running again, but it’s okay. It’s okay to feel tensing anxiety levels, unable to relax. That’s something us Waterloo Warriors have in common Because we have the courage to get in here and put up a fight. A fight for the next four to five years that are supposed to be the ‘time of our lives’, but are splashed with woe and anxiety and fury (my British literature class is getting to me). Sometimes, I wonder whether the outcome will be worth the struggle. But I guess it’s what you make of it at the end, and for that, I wish everyone luck with interviews.

To people who confidently stride into their interview and have the superhuman ability to answer every question with smooth talk and flamboyance, I really envy you. I was so nervous during my first co-op interview that I’d be happy if I even got ranked. To those who are also anxiously waiting for that one chance to hit jackpot, I’ll tell you now that you’re not alone in this, and as much as I’ll try comforting you, I’ve also been trying to calm my emotions down for the past few days – it’s only been half working. What am I so nervous about? I have one chance to impress the company and as much as I want to be my best, I’m also scared that I’ll be so nervous, I’ll sabotage my own interview. Getting the interview is like 25% of the battle, and actually behaving like you can do it feels like a hefty 75%. It’s not easy, but I hope both of us can land an offer in the few interviews that we get. I’m praying for us both ☺

Anyways, enough of this ranting. Prepare well, try to increase your self-esteem, and if you did your part in submitting tons of applications to Waterloo Works, then I wish you the best of luck in landing an interview and eventually receiving an offer. Just try your best to act like the best candidate for the co-op student, stay hopeful and let fate decide the rest.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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