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Is Leo too cool?

Leonardo Dicaprio is the coolest man alive. Since the very start of his career, he has won everyone’s heart. It’s not a surprise that he soon rose to international fame with James Cameron’s heart-breaking love story, Titanic (1997). He starred in the movie alongside Kate Winslet and the movie became the highest- grossing film at that point in time.

Titanic not only brought forward DiCaprio’s die hard good looks, but it also brought his brilliant acting skills. His role of Jack captivated the hearts of everyone everywhere, however, his fame was not to stop there.

DiCaprio starred in many award winning films in which he played more complex and brilliant roles. His ability led him to win three Golden Globe Awards for his performances, but no Oscars.

           The Academy Awards (AKA The Oscars) is a yearly award ceremony that’s hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science to reward great films of this past year. This year, the 88th Oscars took place on Sunday, February 28th in Los Angeles. The Oscars have always been something every actor wants to achieve for their work in movies. It’s seen as a prestigious award that speaks for itself. DiCaprio has been nominated 4 times for the Best Performance by an Actor in the Leading role. This year he was nominated for the fourth time for his role in The Revenant.

The Revenant is a breathtaking movie, that is “is an American foundation story, by turns soaring and overblown” says a New York Times review. Our boy is most likely to win his very first Oscar this year (fingers crossed). We all cannot be too sure because of Michael Fassbender. According to an online article by the Indie Wire, Fassbender is nominated for his role as Steve Jobs in a movie called Steve Jobs. Though Fassbender had an amazing performance, I think we’re all are still rooting for DiCaprio.  

All our wishes are with DiCaprio winning this year but is he too cool to win? Vanity Fair complains “cool guys don’t win Oscars”. Vanity Fair explains that DiCaprio has not won an Oscar simply because he is too cool of an actor. We can’t lie about that DiCaprio is a cool guy. He dated many supermodels, lives a lavish life and attended Coachella last year.

Hands down DiCaprio is a cool guy but, we can’t forget he’s also an amazing actor. He has proved his amazing ability time and time again. He’s cool but he deserves to win. Here’s hoping our boy wins this year.   

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