The Importance of Arts in STEAM

STEM, standing for science, technology, engineering, and math, is a growing movement to teach these skill sets to a younger generation for a better educational foundation.

How does STEAM differ? Where STEM is exclusive to these sectors, a common approach at Waterloo is interdisciplinarity. STEAM puts as much importance on the often overlooked subject of the arts. Women in these programs strive. They fight the structure of a male-dominated work force and society.


Why math?

Math is a foundation not only to mathematical operations but to science, logical thinking needed for English studies, and casual living. Math adds to your person by providing a moment of question, theory, and practice. It builds necessary skills for your educational career.


Why engineering?

Engineering is deemed very masculine. This is not true because girls can do whatever guys can, maybe even better. This stereotype is seen through the male dominance in the field that deters girls from joining. Women are capable. They can add so much to the world if they pursue what they’re passion about. Let’s break this barrier- together.


Why science?

Science is an understanding of how things work. Studying it gives you a different sense of concepts in day to day life. It’ll help you question ideas and create a curiosity in you. These are integral for personal growth.


Why tech?

In this day and age, technology is ever present. It’s hard to add to the innovations of modern day without a basic skill set in computer science. Coding is all the rage. Girls who code are amazing people that you totally want to support - or even be yourself.


A counter argument to this concept is that by adding arts to STEM, are people not just teaching the entire school curriculum as it was meant to be? Just like any specialized program, STEAM differs from the basic curriculum through hands-on activities, chances for mentorship, and so much room for growth. Depending on who runs the program, art integration into classes can add so much more to the STEM experience.


So, why arts?

Arts can add to the excellence in other subjects. For example, comprehending music has a positive correlation to good study and coping skills. Arts is overlooked for the low outcome of attainable jobs. It is important to give the arts a chance to thrive and to add to the personalities of girls everywhere by giving it the importance it deserves.