How to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Sorry, it’s actually impossible. 


(^how I usually feel about the holidays…) 


If you are feeling a little Grinch-y this holiday season, please follow these 5 low-cost, minimal-effort, university-student-designed steps to get into the holiday spirit while living in your overpriced, underwhelming student house. 

(^jingle IS good for you right?)

  1. 1. Twinkle Lights and Candles GALORE! 

    (^me in B&BW before they tell me to take a step back…) 

    What’s the saying? The more, the merrier? Well, it’s not only about the wholesome company, but it’s also about Ikea twinkly lights and Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles, duh. 

    Adding candles and lights makes whatever space you are in feel a whole lot cozier. Just make sure you don’t get so cozy you fall asleep and forget to blow them out or turn them off because well, hazard.

  2. 2. Live ONLY in Your Pajamas

    (^me when I open another pair of fuzzy socks…)

    The holidays are all about staying in comfy clothes way too long and fighting with family about differing political opinions. I think if you have to sit through countless dinner parties and conversations about how university is going, not well by the way, then you should at least get to be sporting your favourite hoodie. 

  3. 3. Whatever You Eat During the Holidays Does NOT Count

    (if Harry feasts, we all feast…)

    So what if all I ate today were Lindt truffles, it makes me happy! Stop judging me - you are probably going to set an unrealistic goal of going to the gym on January 2nd anyway so why not have one last feast? 

  4. 4. Make a Holiday Playlist, Like, Right NOW!

    (^maybe it will be after you hit play?! Give it a try!)

    I’m not just talking “All I Want For Christmas Is You”... I mean put the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song on there too baby, it’s the holidays, get crazy! 

  5. 5. Be Nostalgic AF. 

    (^me looking back at pictures of when it wasn’t -10 outside, ah… good memories.) 

    What better time to ponder the past than when you are about to face the imminent changing of the calendars in just a few days? 

Whether your living that bougie ICON life or in a Domus house - the holidays are about who you are with, not where you are. So just cover your eyes and pretend, okay? 

Warriors - stay cozy, be merry, HO HO HO, to all a goodnight, and finally...