How to Fall in Love...With Yourself!

Well would you look at that. Another trip around the sun, and I am still single. Clearly not bitter and trying to mask my loneliness with humor, right? Uhhh, nonetheless I am single and wanted to share my single-gal wisdom with the world because I am just such a generous and charismatic individual… obviously!


(^exactly Honey Boo Boo!)


It is Valentine’s Day, and little old cupid has shot his hot pink arrows through far too many hearts this year, but sadly he has missed mine just by an inch or so. But, just because you might be spending this Valentine’s Day or season or, let’s be honest, year alone, (like me), doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love. Perhaps this is who you have been waiting for for a long time now, and this little push in the right direction is exactly what you needed to fall head over heels in love… with yourself!

I have gathered together my personal favourite tips and trick for learning to love who I am as a person both mentally and physically. This is definitely one of those long term journeys but I find myself constantly working at it, and it is definitely paying off.


Let's get this show started!


*cue Chris Harrison introducing me as the ‘Lonely and Awkward Girl, Age 19’ on the Bachelor*

(^me prepping myself in the limo ride)


1. Look at yourself in the mirror, like a lot

I may be egotistical, I may be a genius. Either way, just do it. I used to look at myself in the mirror and pick out everything I hated about my physical appearance - if I had blemishes, I didn’t like my nose, how I always have rosy cheeks, my height, my weight but WHY AM I DOING THIS. I started looking at my reflection and admiring my physical traits; my freckles from too much time in the sun, my hazel eyes and my golden hair, and I started to think damn I am cute! If you feel good about yourself on the outside it definitely helps with how you carry yourself, and how you are feeling on the inside.

(^looking good!!!)


2. Always give yourself compliments!

Did you do good on a test - praise yourself. Did you cook a healthy meal - go you! Always find ways to compliment yourself for your strengths, but also take note of your weaknesses. This is a great confidence booster and always reassures myself that I am on the right track for where I want to be as a person.

(^me @ myself)  


3. Listen to your body

(^Me: “sorry what did you say, stop eating so much junk? I can’t hear you over my chewing….”

Know what your body needs, wants, and should probably be avoiding. Exercise is a great way to be healthy but also to boost your self-esteem in the physical and especially mental aspect. I love working out alone or with friends as a study break and social activity.


4. Listen to your mind

Just like your body, your mind and your respect for it is so important. Listen to what you need from a mental standpoint and all will fall into place. Take time away from screens, be with your own thoughts and forget about the chaos around you! We all need a brain break every so often.

(^very true Dorothy!)


5. Get into being alone (for a respectable amount of time)

I used to think being alone meant I didn’t have friends or I was failing in the social aspect of my life, now I LOVE IT! It is the best way to wind down after a crazy day of classes, clubs and constant socialization. Get into doing things on your own and you will learn so much about yourself and being independent.


6. Know that today is not forever!

It is so easy to let one bad day influence how you think of yourself - but don’t! This one day does not define who you are and shouldn’t get you down. Afterall, the sun will always set and the slate will be wiped clean, forget about it and start fresh.


So that is it folks, the story of how I fell in love with myself. Romantic, cheesy and, very important for happiness! I am still waiting for approval for my Netflix Original - “Me, Myself and, I: A Story of Self-Discovery” - but will keep you all updated! Happy Valentine’s Day lovers...oops I mean Warriors!