How to Create a Study Schedule

With classes coming to end, it is time to focus on studying for exams. I know this is easier said than done. No one wants to spend hours on end studying for that economics final. However, not studying isn’t exactly an option. The best way to efficiently study is to create, and stick to, a study schedule. Never created one before? No worries. Just follow these easy steps.


  1. Write down your initial schedule. Start off by writing down your work and/or extracurricular schedule. This includes anything you consider mandatory and do on a weekly basis, such as workout time or dinner with friends.

  2. Add short study sessions. If you have any small gaps in your schedule, even if they’re just 30 minutes, schedule them as a short study session.

  3. Fill in the rest of the schedule. Do you work better in the mornings? Schedule early mornings to get some studying in before any other activities. More of a night owl? Schedule a few hours at night.

  4. Decide what to study and when. Have three finals coming up next week? Divide your study sessions between the three different subjects. Also, decide what you will be doing in each session, such as readings, notes, or practice questions.

  5. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself. Schedule in a couple breaks so you don’t feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Take this time to watch your favourite show, go for a walk, or hang out with friends.


Good luck on your exams!


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