HOCO Weekend Struggles Every Waterloo Student Faces

It’s that time of year again, with the crisp autumn morning breeze, the cute fall outfits, and most importantly Homecoming Weekend, more popularly known as HoCo! 


HoCo is that time of year where you get together with all of your friends and celebrate the welcoming of University alumni members and current students. It’s an event where everyone comes to show their school pride through sports events, parties, and more.


It’s definitely all fun and games but if you are new to the tradition or just like to relate to the rest of us, here are a few struggles every Waterloo student faces during HoCo weekend!

  1. 1. Finding The Perfect HoCo Outfit!

    Whether it be for one of the sporting events or an after-party, it can be difficult to that perfect HoCo outfit that is unique to you. You definitely do not want to be caught celebrating in the same outfit as one of your peers during any festivity!

  2. 2. Midterm Exams!

    HoCo always seems to fall on the same weekend as midterm exams for many Waterloo students. It is quite amazing seeing how talented some UW students are when it comes to multitasking their exam preparations and party nights!

  3. 3. Laurier and Waterloo Do It Best!

    Students and friends from several different schools come to visit during HoCo weekend as Laurier and Waterloo students are notorious for their events. The streets and bus lines get crowded and so do the nightclubs. Lines are as long as the street and often times make it down to the traffic lights.

  4. 4. Staying Together and Staying Safe!

    Losing track of friends and the number of alcoholic beverages consumed is easy to do. Here’s a quick tip: Keep a certain number of little pieces of paper in one pocket, each time you finish a drink, transfer one of the pieces of paper to the other pocket. This helps you keep track and gives you a cut off limit.

All in all, these are just a few minimal struggles that are part of an amazing weekend that HoCo is known to be. I hope you all stay safe, make unforgettable memories, and show your school spirit this HoCo weekend!


HoCo Weekend: September 27 - 29!


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