Get Ready with Me: End of Term Winter Season Edition

Walking into my job at Conestoga Mall, all the Christmas decorations are up and I smell the hot cocoa. Tis’ the season for red cups at Starbucks, gathering the cute winter clothes out of the closet, and Christmas shopping.

As a girl, I do not condone the stereotype that all girls love shopping, that they take too long to do it, that they’re so materialistic. Yet, here I am with three shopping bags. Mind you, these are work clothes and gifts for others so there is a purpose to my shopping spree. As a girl, I am free to be whatever I need to be.

With End of Term events coming up like Faculty Balls, charity events, Last Bomber, and the End of Term Acapella Concert, there are so many outfits I need for diverse situations.

I also want to look cute for myself rather than men who either don’t care about me getting dolled up or do care a little too much.

There are three outfits you need for the season:


The Casual

This outfit applies to EOT A Cappella Concert, class, and is still cute enough to catch your crush’s eye. It can consist of a scarf, warm clothes that are cute but functional, and the boots that make all the other girls jealous because you also got them on sale.


The Festive

You can wear this outfit to the ball your student society hosts around this time of year or to your grandma’s when you’re actually home for once. A dress works, but don’t forget clashing of Christmas colours and please dress warm. Festive outfits include cute items like sweaters and leggings to even a cute dress that’s green, white, or red.


The Dance Party Chic

These are the outfits that you’d wear to Bomber or Brixton. Feel free to never let a man get you down about feeling yourself. Be as yourself as you need to be while looking sexy and fierce. These outfits can range from a bodycon dress to bodysuit tops. If you need a jacket please wear one! If you’re going to Phil’s you might not need to.


Where to get these clothes: Conestoga Mall

1. Garage: There are plenty of festive clothes here for casual and velvet aesthetic. I personally recommend the sale rack. You can find leggings and all sorts of tops, even tube tops!

2. Aritzia: If you have the budget for it, it’ll be worth it.

3. H&M: Coats and all various types of clothes from formal to casual can be found here. Keep an eye out for sales as they’re spread throughout the store.

4. Sirens: Perfect for clubbing and formal dress up events

5. Dynamite: The best fit for fancy formal and cutest casual. And did you know? The Garage and Dynamite rewards systems fit under the same account.


These are all my tips for winter outfits! Can’t wait to see future outfit inspiration on campus this season from all of you lovely people!