Four Ways to Stay Motivated

Reading week is sadly over. But summer is still several weeks, and a lot of hard work, away. As the days leading up to the end of the semester slowly pass by, it can be hard to stay motivated. So, here are some helpful tips to help you stay motivated and conquer the rest of the semester.


Change up Your Environment


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Everyone has their go-to study spot. However, changing up your environment can give you an instant boost of inspiration and motivation.


Change Up Your Playlist


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Just like your environment, your music choices can greatly influence your motivation levels. Create a new Get Work Done playlist full of your favourite motivational songs to help you stay motivated.


Create a Reward System


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Need some incentive to get your work done? Try creating a reward system for yourself. It could be something small, like every time you get above 80% on a test/assignment, you will reward yourself with Starbucks. Or it could be something bigger, like if you finish the semester with an 85% average or higher, you will finally buy yourself that expensive jacket you have been eyeing.


Practice Self-Care


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It is really important to care of yourself. It is easy to forget to take time for yourself between all the midterms and assignments. However, taking a little bit of time for self-care will help you stay productive and motivated. So take a break from your busy life, put on a face mask, and read a book -- or whatever you do to practice self-care.


How do you stay motivated?


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