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First Year: A Review

First year was tough. It was hard for reasons that could’ve been avoided and other reasons that were inevitable. It was also fun-filled and memorable for both the good and the bad. Here’s my personal advice, tips, tricks, and insight on the roller coaster that is first year.


What worked:

Finding a study regime.

Every student learns in a different way. Know yourself. Be intuitive. If you find something’s not working, try something new. This year, I found flashcards and a website called Quizlet matched my learning style. Try forming a study group and making friends with people in your program. A group chat with people you know and maybe even people you don’t know is an excellent place to ask questions. But above all, go to office hours when you can. There’s no better clarification than that from the source itself; your prof.


Eating my feelings.

Some people gain the freshman fifteen while others (dare I say the lucky ones) lose fifteen pounds. I, personally, binged on all the options I could, but the bright side to this is not the muffin top but rather a disinterest in foods that make me feel icky and a better appreciation for taste and quality. Eating a lot in my first year got me to try new things and find my favourites.



Get out of the work space to clear your head. If you’re having trouble, take a step back. Exercising boosts your mood and keeps your body healthy.

Even if it’s a small walk or a different route to class (as long as you’re not running late), your body and mind will thank you later.


Talk to someone.

It’s nice to talk to people who can understand what you’re going through – and most people are in the same boat you are. Be open.


Be unafraid to be accepted by others.

Try new things. One new thing I tried was joining a sorority. I met amazing people who are now my friends :)


Be irrevocably yourself.

I choose not to drink. I have friends who accept me for my shy exterior and inner creativity.

Find friends who choose you for your beliefs, lame puns, and most of all your true self.


What didn’t:


Though I did go into a program that suited my interests and passions, there were times when I felt very bored by and uninterested in the material I was supposed to be learning.


Time Management.

It’s important to find a balance of work and passion but it’s also important to prioritize studies. Try your best. The pressures of new deadlines, social interaction, and nap requirements can become a lot to handle.


Friendships and Mishaps

You won’t always be friends with everyone. And that’s okay.

You’ll find your true friends because they’ll reveal themselves along the way.


Advice for new freshies/goslings/freshmen:

Take advantage of everything the school has to offer.

This means office hours, tutoring, and meal plan money. Some people I know had LOTS of leftover money. While it’ll transition into flex dollars, you do lose that 50% discount by end of term. Half off Tim’s at SLC and Starbucks from STC? That’s the dream.


Advice from seniors to lower years:

It takes time. You’ll get there. You got this.

A second-year in Environment, Resources, and Sustainability. Looking to grow wings.
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